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Free September Desktop Wallpaper for All Devices

These September Desktop Wallpaper downloads are perfect for the early fall (or even the late summer). They're full of plum, blush, mauve, green, and tangerine watercolors that remind us that the fall season isn't too far off. Grab these September Desktop Wallpaper downloads below...they're available for computers, tablets, and phones. They come in blank, quote, and calendar versions. 

September Desktop Wallpaper
To be totally honest, I've had these September Desktop Wallpaper designs in my mind for quite some time. I've so been looking forward to this fun time of the year and all of the design excitement with textures and colors. I used my favorite set of watercolor fall florals from several years ago (these pretties also appear in my Watercolor Fall Printables). It's truly one of my favorite combinations of colors. To me, these florals still have a hint of summer in them (because, let's face it, September is still quite summery in temperature), but they're definitely ready to make all of your devices a bit more autumnal. Download your favorites below.

And of course, I have to give my usual spiel about this wallpaper series we started back in January: I'm seriously so happy that this fun series now exists. It's been one of my main highlights to create these pretties every month. The fall designs have all been on my mind for a feels so good to be debuting the first of them. And I do plan to bring this digital wallpaper series back in 2020, as well. I am certainly not ready for it to be over, yet (hoping you feel the same)!

September Desktop Wallpaper for All Devices

As I mentioned, the colors in these walk a semi-fine line between summertime and fall, but I think they're the perfect combination of both seasons for September (when it doesn't always feel like fall). I anchored the watercolor flowers that are spilling out of the top right corner and down the side of the screen, with a textured polka dot mauve background that has a slight vignette to it. I feel like that vignette almost mimics those late summer/early fall sunsets, in its nature.

September Desktop Wallpaper Designs

Autumn Desktop Wallpaper
This is another fairly obvious quote this month. But, it's perfectly fitting, too. 

September Calendar Wallpaper
The calendar design is a really nice one, this month. The design's background doesn't compete with it, which I always prefer.

Fall Desktop Designs
And everyone's favorite design is always the blank one (pictured above). I totally prefer this, too. I have a lot of apps and images saved to my desktop, so a blank version is best for me.  

Watercolor Desktop Wallpaper

As I mentioned above that this entire desktop wallpaper series (which is brand new to I Should Be Mopping the Floor for 2019) has quickly become a favorite of mine, it's also become a favorite of readers, as well. If you haven't had the chance yet, be sure to also check out the January, February, March, April, May, June, July, and August versions of the desktop wallpapers. I'm hoping you love this new September edition, too, in all of its jewel-toned glory.

Downloading onto an iPad or iPhone

After starting this free wallpaper series, several of you reached out asking for download help using an iPad or iPhone. I thought I'd share my simple tips for doing just that (the method I use is kind of cheating, but the fact that it's crazy-easy makes that jussssst fine).
  • Before I begin the process on my phone or tablet, I download my particular phone's (or iPad's) wallpaper design onto my actual computer (download links are available below). The download on my computer then gets emailed to myself (I have gmail and it allows me to email to the same address I'm sending from). If you'd prefer to skip the whole emailing yourself process, you'll have to download the Dropbox app on your iPhone or iPad (I provide all of the download links for these wallpaper designs within Dropbox for this very reason). I like to send readers to a fantastic tutorial on this Dropbox downloading method here on the iDownload Blog. But, again, if you'd like to avoid that, simply email yourself the design from your computer and open the email on your phone, like I do. Then, follow the below steps:
    • Open your email that you sent yourself with the wallpaper attachment on your device's mail app. At the bottom of the email, it will say "Tap to Download". Go ahead and do just that.

How to Download on an iPhone

    • Tap the image that you just downloaded within your email (it will appear at the bottom of your email). The above image (pictured left) is what you should see. Tap the square box outline with the upward arrow on the bottom left corner of your screen (labeled as 1 in the above image).
    • After you've tapped that box, the screen pictured above right will appear for you. Tap 'Save Image' (labeled as 2 in the above image). Your design should now be saved to your device.
    • Press your Home key/button. Now, head to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper.
    • On my particular phone, my images save to my Camera Roll (I *think* this is the default on most iOS devices like iPhones and iPads). I will then select Camera Roll and then I find the wallpaper that I just downloaded. If your device saves elsewhere, you'll need to search that place for the download, instead.
  • Feel free to set this new wallpaper design to your lock screen, your home screen, or go a little wild and do both. It'll be a fabulously fallish party on your device!
  • That *should* hopefully do the trick for you. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this method.

Download Your September Wallpaper Designs

All of the download links are available below the next image. Let me know if you have any questions or need downloading assistance.
Fall Digital Wallpaper

Fall iPad Wallpaper

I hope you've had a chance to grab a few of our downloads and enjoy this new wallpaper series. I mentioned this last month, but I'm also considering adding a monthly Facebook Timeline Cover edition, as well, if there is enough interest in it. 

Looking for More Free Wallpaper Designs? 

Fall iPhone Wallpaper
May your September be lovely.

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  1. Thank you so much! These are beautiful, and capture the warmth and promise of autumn's final hurrah.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing that with me! It means more than you know! <3 I really enjoy getting to offer these designs to my readers! It warms my heart to hear that you and others love and appreciate them! xoxo

  9. Kristi, thank you so much for these! I get so excited when the new month comes, and new wallpapers are available!! I have also been loving the Fall series. Pinned them all!


    1. Hi Alexandra! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so glad you are enjoying the wallpapers and printables! I appreciate your kind words more than you know! xoxo