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25 Free Happy Birthday Font Downloads

These free Happy Birthday Font Downloads are some fun and festive typography choices for your next birthday celebration. From swanky and classy to whimsical and fun, there is a Happy Birthday Font for everyone in this group. Download your favorites below. I'm also including some usage ideas and tips.

Happy Birthday Font
We had a birthday in our home yesterday. With that always comes a little something festive here on the blog. Today, it's in the form of 25 Free Happy Birthday Font Downloads. These festive fonts are sure to make your celebration even that much more wonderful. 

25 Happy Birthday Font Downloads

Each one of these fonts is a party in and of itself. They're special, they're lovely, and they're all just a little bit of fun (just like birthdays should be, right?). Let's start the celebration off right with a nice Happy Birthday Font or two, shall we?

Celebration Fonts

What Makes up a Good Happy Birthday Font?

  • When I put together a specific grouping of fonts, I really like to think through the process of how these fonts will be used and what a good version of that type of font would look like. 
  • To me, a celebratory font (like a Happy Birthday Font) has a definite fun side to it. That comes across in swirls, ligatures, patterns, interesting widths, textures, and more.
  • These are definitely special occasion fonts, ones that you wouldn't be using everyday for documents and such. But rather fonts that feel joyful and add an extra bit of specialness to an invitation, menu card, poster, or whatever else you create with them.
  • I think incorporating lots of color into your font usage also ups the celebratory factor. Plus, that's always fun to play around with.

Ways to Use a Happy Birthday Font

Birthday Card Fonts
While I usually give font pairing tips in font posts, today, I'm sharing some birthday card or poster ideas you can use with these fonts. But, honestly, these are *kind of* font pairing tips in a way. Each of the above designs can be played with and added to for extra personalization. Try to recreate any of them in a word processing program and add your own fun. Here are the fonts I used:
  • HAPPY 16TH: Sunday Best (available below)
  • Birthday!: Gabelisa (available below)
  • The row of dots in this card design (both on the top and bottom) are the period symbol in the Party Story font, just in an array of colors. That font is also available below.

  • IT IS: Party Story (available below)
  • TIME TO: Sunday Best (available below)
  • CELEBRATE: Party Story (available below)
  • you: Westhouse (available below)

  • today is your: Strawberry Blossom (available below)
  • special day: Muirgen (available below)

Font Installation

Installing Your Happy Birthday Font Downloads

  • True confession: I'm actually a diehard Mac user (since 1997!) I honestly know nothing of how a PC works. But, after doing a little research, I found a wonderful tutorial for your PC users on How to Install Fonts from Microsoft. It gives a great, step-by-step tutorial.
  • Since I do lean towards the Apple way of life, I'm happy to give my own tutorial on how to install these birthday fonts on a Mac. Follow my steps below:

Installing Fonts

    Installing Fonts on a Mac:

    • After downloading your happy birthday font of choice, open your download folder (or wherever your downloads end up). 
    • Open the folder of the font (just FYI: in some cases, there may not be a folder, it may just be the actual font file, in which case, you won't have to open a folder).
    • Double click the .ttf or .otf file. I prefer the .otf  or Open Type Format files if they're available, they can be resized and manipulated without compromising their quality. But, they're not always available. The .ttf file will still work just fine.

    How to Install Fonts
    • Once you've double clicked the .ttf or .otf file, the dialog box should automatically pop up.
    • Click 'Install Font' and your installation should automatically begin (it takes about two seconds, total). 
    • Be sure to check your Font Book to make sure your new font is there. 
    • You can start using your new font immediately.

    Download Your Birthday Fonts Below

    All of the Happy Birthday Font downloads are listed out individually below. A few things to make note of:
    • Click on the name of the font to be taken to its download page. There is also a link provided directly under each font, as well.
    • On each font's download page, you will also find the Terms of Use provided by its font designer. Be sure to adhere to their policies, especially where commercial usage is concerned.
    • I also added a "Happy Birthday" under every font name so you can see how the font looks in that particular phrase (since this is, after all, a Happy Birthday Font post!).
    Birthday Font

    Happy Birthday Free Font

    Happy Birthday, Baby Font

    Young Script Font

    Fun Party Font

    Muirgen Font

    Balloons Font

    Daytime Gift Font

    Funkies Font

    Crazy Dots Font

    Party Story Font

    FB Super Fun Font

    Bubble Shine Font

    Strawberry Blossom Font

    PW Curves and Dots

    Funtastic Font

    Party Crush Font

    Balloon Bash Font

    Uptown Funk Font

    Gel Dotica Font

    Gabelisa Font
    Westhouse Font

    Sunday Best Font

    Cutie Pop Font

    Paper Banner Font

    Free Happy Birthday Font Downloads

    More Fonts for Celebrating:

    • These 15 Free Fonts with Glyphs are lovely to use on invitations and other party-related prints. They're easy to use and come with complete directions on how to implement the glyphs (swirls).
    • My list of 21 Free Feminine and Girly Fonts has lots of options that would work beautifully for weddings, showers, quinceaneras, and similar events.
    • And these 21 Free Masculine Fonts are the counterpart to the feminine ones. There are lots of sophisticated options for invitations and such in this grouping, as well.
    • I really love this list of Free Party Fonts over at Ella Claire Inspired. There are so many fun and festive ones in this group.
    • And The Dating Divas have this extensive list of Free Love Fonts that are perfect for wedding invitations and similar. 
    • This list of Calligraphy Fonts for Wedding Invitations from Pipkin Paper Company has some really pretty choices. 
    • These 21 Free Valentine Fonts would also double beautifully for wedding or shower invitations and prints. 


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