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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Inspiration Monday

May, y'all. How in the world is it MAY? Before we know it, we'll have a lovely little hiatus from school work, strict schedules, and hopefully the monsoon season that has taken over my state. I'm so READY! :)

Since farmhouse fabulousness seems to be the name of the game lately, I was inspired to put together a fun grouping of features with that theme from last week's party. Seriously, I think we're all a little nuts about Chip and JoJo and the style that seems to be super fun and IT right now! Check out these goodies below.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Free Decorative Recipe Printable

This Homemade Lemonade free decorative recipe printable is the perfect addition to your warmer weather decor. It's perfect for your kitchen counter or wall! Or even out on the patio.

Framed recipes make adorable kitchen decor! This Free Decorative Recipe Printable for Lemonade is perfect for summertime! Instant download.
I've always wanted to make a decorative recipe printable. My mother-in-law has this cute framed recipe on her kitchen countertop for "Cinnamon Supper Cake". It has always made me want a fun framed recipe somewhere in the kitchen. I figured with summertime fast approaching that homemade lemonade would be perfect (and how summery and fun is homemade lemonade in a mason jar?!?). Download this 8x10 free printable below.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vintage Eclectic Family Room

Our vintage eclectic family room is one of our favorite spots in the new house. 
It's filled with fun and playful patterns and colors and a big comfy couch.
Come check it out below (and enter a $250 giveaway to Minted!).

Check out this vintage eclectic family room full of color and quirky details.
This room was interesting to me from the moment we walked into this house. I *think* it used to be a bedroom at one point in time (and was even marketed that way in the listing). But, it doesn't have a closet, nor do we have a need for a 5th bedroom. Since it's located next to the room that will one day be my parents', we want this to eventually be their living room. But, for the time being, we love how cozy it is and secluded from the main parts of the home. It's a nice little hiding spot. Check out it's makeover below. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Create Faux Roman Shades

Today, I'm sharing a tutorial for how to create Faux Roman Shades. These can be no-sew, if you prefer. I've also got a $250 giveaway to Minted, which is where I got the adorable fabric for my faux roman shades, as well as my curtain panels, too!

How to Create Faux Roman Shades | Step-by-step photo tutorial on creating faux roman shades...can even be made in the "no-sew" variety!
This window is in the family room in our new home. Tomorrow, I'm sharing the entire room here on the blog (with a white sectional, fun throw pillows, artwork, and lots of colorful touches!). Right now, we are using this as our tv room. It's a bit hidden behind the kitchen and the perfect place to hide out and binge on a few seasons on Netflix (not that we ever do that). Check out the tutorial to create these Faux Roman Shades below.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DIY Planter Box with Wheels

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This DIY Planter Box with Wheels is perfect for any patio or garden area.
It works perfectly for vegetables or flowers. And rolls where ever you want it.
See our complete tutorial on how we created this below.
This DIY Planter Box with Wheels is perfect for any patio or garden area. It works perfectly for vegetables or flowers. And rolls where ever you want it. Tutorial is loaded with photos and step-by-step instructions to make this in one morning.
I'm really excited about this planter. I've had smaller rolling versions in the past, but this one is the coup de grĂ¢ce to all other planters. The king daddy, y'all. It's large enough to have a big ol' tomato plant with roots that will grow nice and deep. I worked with my dad to create this one after realizing I really needed a large mobile planter. Where we are located in Texas, our summers go well into the triple digits. My tomato plants have never lasted longer than July because of the extreme heat. When we lived up in the panhandle, I had amazing tomatoes all summer long and well into September (and I miss them!). And in Texas, you just have to have homegrown tuh-mate-uhs (that's how we pronounce it down here) with your summertime meals. Or really, just one ripened tomato and a salt shaker seems to work out pretty well, too, (wink). Now that we're down in central Texas, a planter like this allows me to move my plants around the yard, depending on the heat. I can roll them right up into the shade to protect them on the scorching days. Or even get them out of a crazy hail storm when those pop up. If you live in a colder climate, these would be great to protect plants during the winter...just roll them into the garage.
Our step-by-step tutorial can help you create a DIY Planter Box with Wheels, too.