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Free Staffordshire Dog Printables

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These Staffordshire Dog prints are a bit out of the ordinary from my normal designs, but I just couldn't resist putting them together for my own mantel. I thought a few of you might also be staffy-dog fans, so I'm sharing them here, as well. There are two mirror-image versions, too (just like a traditional Staffordshire Dog set).

Staffordshire Dog Printables
I've actually been a Staffordshire Dog fan for quite some time. I have several single dogs, but just recently added both of my pairs to my mantel. I felt like I needed a third set for balance, but realized having them in printable form might be kind of fun and different. And since I recently added a bunch of hot pink to this space, I thought making them in that color would be super fun and perfect for spring. You can download both of these Staffordshire Dog printables below. 

Free St Patrick's Day Printables

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While this year's festivities look a bit different all over the globe, I'm hoping these free St Patrick's Day Printables can brighten your home with some Irish love (since there is a chance you may be inside of it for a bit). This printable is a simple Irish Blessing that rings so true, especially today with all that's going on in the world. These St Patrick's Day Printables are available in two sizes and formats.

St Patrick's Day Printables
"May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door." - An Irish Blessing

Download this one below.

Free Psalm 23 Printable

This Psalm 23 Printable was actually written just before my father passed away. We had no way of knowing how close his time truly was. He went to be with the Lord on February 25, 2020.

As many of you know, we're currently walking in a valley as we prepare to tell my father goodbye in the coming weeks, or possibly days. This verse has been on my heart so much through this that I wanted to print it out for my bathroom countertop as a gentle reminder. I decided that I may not be the only one in a valley right now, so I am making this Psalm 23 Printable available to you, as well. It's a simple black and white one...but the words are what I wanted to stand out the most. Download this free Psalm 23 Printable below for your own space. 
Psalm 23 Printable
It's been a very short seven weeks since my father's initial pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Last week, we made the decision as a family (including my dad) to stop chemotherapy and begin him on hospice. Chemotherapy was much harder than we thought it would be...he was having a lot more bad days than good ones. Moving to hospice has actually been a wonderful decision and the days have become holy and sacred, along with quiet and peaceful. I've been dwelling on the 23rd Psalm a lot during this time. It's brought its own comfort, as well. This was truly just a simple design for me to utilize during this time, but I know I'm not the only one in a tough situation right now. You can download this Psalm 23 Printable below.

5 Free Spring Facebook Cover Photos

Who is ready for some sweet Spring Facebook Cover Photos? While it may not *feel* like spring just yet, we can certainly make our timelines feel all lovely and springish, right? These five free Spring Facebook Cover Photos are filled with watercolor stripes, pink and green florals, and an overall feeling of warmth and sunshine. 

Download your favorite Spring Facebook Cover Photos below.

Spring Facebook Cover Photos
If you're like me (and you *probably* are, since you've landed here), you probably enjoy adding a bit of seasonal flair to your Facebook Cover. These Five Free Spring Facebook Cover Photos, that are available below, are all completely different than one another, but all have a lovely spring feel to them. They're a great way to kick off spring (even if it's not exactly feeling like spring, yet). Grab your favorite version below.

Free Bathroom Printables

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Need a bit of art for your bathroom walls? I've got two free bathroom printables for you today. They're designed to be displayed together, but if your space is limited, they definitely work on their own, too. Grab your favorite size of these free bathroom printables below. 

Free Bathroom Printables
Unwind and relax...with these spa-like printables designed to take away all your worries (well, that is the hope, right?). But, seriously, I always appreciate nice, soothing art in a bathroom or bedroom area. These two printables have darling little watercolor, floral, vintage-style slipper tubs just inviting you to soak the day away. See both of these free bathroom printables in closer detail below.