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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Spring Brunch Recipes

At today's party, we've got some yummy brunch recipes for you that will be perfect around your spring table. From pancakes to breakfast tarts to a killer champagne punch, we've got the brunch recipes for your next gathering covered. Check them all out, along with linking up your own awesome inspiration, below.

Easter Brunch

Spring is like the unofficial brunch season, is it not? From Easter to bridal and baby showers galore, it's like brunch is made for this time of the year. And these brunch recipes that were linked up to last week's party are the way to win the brunch game at your next gathering.
Easy Brunch Recipes
Today's Spring Brunch features were selected by me! I hope you love them all. Be sure to pin them from their original sources.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Gingham Bunny Outline Printables

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'Tis bunny season, my friends. Whether watercolor, black and white, or gingham (give me allllll the gingham springtime designs)...bunny printables are everywhere right now. Today, I'm sharing these simple gingham bunny outline printables in five color options with you. These are perfect for your springtime decor. I'll even show you how I embellished my own bunny outline print below (nothing to it!). 

Bunny Outline
I'm ready for all the spring things: bunnies, flowers, birds...dare I say, warmer temps (that's *almost* blasphemy to say in this part of Texas where it'll be 100 degrees shortly). But, yes...let's have a little bit of spring, shall we? Today's Gingham Bunny Outline printables will be the perfect lil' addition to all of your springtime decor. They're also available in five different colors for you to choose from. I did only do one size today (8x10")...only because this is a horizontal print with an embellishment option. If we had gone smaller on this print, it would have been a bit trickier to add a fun tail to its backside! Grab your favorite gingham bunny outline below.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How to Hang Plates Wirelessly

This post for How to Hang Plates Wirelessly contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

So many of you have asked about how to hang plates wirelessly, like I did in my bathroom and bedroom areas. I'm sharing the complete tutorial with you today...including a detailed video to get you great results. See all of my steps on how to hang plates wirelessly below.

How to Hang Plates Wirelessly
If you caught my bathroom reveal last week, you may have noticed the gigantic antique plate wall that spans two of the walls in there. I hesitated (for like, two seconds) on whether it was too off-kilter to have plates in a bathroom. But, we ended up loving the outcome. Many of you have asked the trick to how I hang plates with no wire hangers. There's a little trick to it...and I'm sharing it in my complete video tutorial.

Oh, and YAY...it's also Thrifty Style Team day! So, lots of my friends have some fun thrifty ideas they're sharing, as well. Check it all out below.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Floral Watercolor Easter Printables

These Floral Watercolor Easter Printables are the sweetest collection of prints for the spring season. Each of these Easter Printables has a specific sentiment of Easter time, too. And they all come in both 5x7" and 8x10" sizes. You can see all of these four Watercolor Easter Printables below.

Easter Printables
As Easter draws closer, I always enjoy putting out several reminders of the season, including these kind of Easter Printables scattered here and there. These four particular printables each have a watercolor floral motif. 

You can grab this bundle of Easter Printables here in the shop. (Or, you can see the details of each of these below.)

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Spring Decor Ideas at Inspiration Monday

We've got some lovely spring decor ideas for you today at Inspiration Monday! Our features are sure to get you in the mood for warmer temps and bright, pretty decor. Check out these spring decor ideas below...and be sure to link up your own fabulousness, too.

Spring is getting near, we can *almost* see it from here! Whether your weather is feeling springlike, yet, we're here with some fabulous spring decor ideas to get the inside of your home ready for the warmer temps and prettiness all around. Be sure to check out these spring decor ideas below. And remember to pin from the original source.

Spring decor ideas and more
These lovely spring decor features were chosen by my fabulous co-host, Debbie at Refresh Restyle. See all of these beautiful ideas below...your to-do list is about to get a lot longer!