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15 Free Victorian Font Downloads

These 15 free Victorian Font Downloads will have you feeling quite proper, British, and ready to read a bit of Dickens. These ornate typefaces are fun to play around with and make lovely fonts for invitations, printables, crafts, and more. So, sit down, preferably at tea time, and peruse these lovely Victorian Font Downloads. 

Victorian Font Downloads
I can't think of anything more fun (and kind of fancy) than a few Victorian Font designs. While these fonts aren't completely *authentic* Victorian pieces, they're certainly close enough for entertainment purposes. And goodness, they're just lovely to look through. Use one to print out your favorite Jane Austen quote for a bulletin board. Or, create some romantic Valentines with one or two. They really have such a great feel to them. Check all 15 of these freebies out below.

31 Free Wedding Fonts

These 31 Free Wedding Fonts can actually be used in lots of applications (not just nuptials). They're a bit sophisticated and elegant to give any event design a special touch. Download your favorite of these wedding fonts below.

Wedding Fonts
Whether you're planning a wedding in the near future or maybe a special birthday party or even a spring dance, these sweet wedding fonts have so many options for all of your signage, invitations, menus, and more. See all of these different typefaces available below.

21 Free Crazy Fonts

These free crazy fonts are some wild ones, friends! From funky to edgy to just a little on the messy side, these fonts are so much fun to incorporate into lots of projects and designs. Download your favorite crazy fonts below.

Crazy Fonts
While I'm a fairly buttoned up person, I do enjoy stretching my creative fun in certain settings, namely fonts. And crazy fonts definitely get me out of my neat and tidy little box. Some of these fonts are just a tiny bit funky (a flared glyph or twirl here and there), but some are all out crazy town. I think the key is moderation with these...and mixing them with some simpler styles, as well. Enjoy all of these wild typefaces below.

Cute Valentines Wallpaper (FREE!)

Our February set of free digital wallpapers is filled with LOVE for all of your devices. This cute Valentines wallpaper will add a splash of Valentine sweetness to any screen. There are three playful and cute Valentines wallpaper options available for you below.

Cute Valentines Wallpaper
As I mentioned in January's Wallpaper Post, I'm changing the way I design the monthly wallpapers a bit. So far, you all seem to be enjoying it. If you missed last month, here's a quick run down of how I'm doing these monthly designs now: instead of having the wallpapers coordinate with the printable calendars, they will have their own special designs each month (most often, they will still be based on a seasonal theme). In all honesty, it had gotten slightly monotonous to tweak the same design over and over into various versions of itself. It was getting to where I dreaded the wallpapers every month since they were duplicates of their printable counterparts, (I do apologize for the brutal honesty, but I did want to be up front). So, I decided to jump back into the fun part of things...new, fresh designs for your devices. This time around, the calendar versions of the wallpapers are larger, but only available on the computer screen versions. There are three designs to choose from, too! Hoping you enjoy this new way we are switching to for 2022. 

Free Printable Happy Mail Stickers

This post for Happy Mail Stickers contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

I absolutely love sending happy mail (which is really, any thoughtful note through the mail). And getting to label those notes with these Happy Mail Stickers makes them even better, in my opinion. Download your favorite version of these printable stickers below.

Happy Mail Stickers
Wouldn't you enjoy getting a note (or even package) through the mail with a Happy Mail Sticker attached. You just know it will be full of goodness. I think the small act of adding a little sticker like this makes such a fun difference...for both kids and adults alike. There are versions of this design in color and black and white.