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January Desktop Wallpaper for All Devices

I've got some wintry January desktop wallpaper freebies for all of your devices today. This is the second year of this digital series and I'm super excited about all of the designs for 2020. I release a new set of designs every month with a calendar, quote, and blank option. Grab your January Desktop Wallpaper below, so all of your devices are ready for the new year.

January Desktop Wallpaper

If you're wanting to dress up your devices with some inspirational prettiness and winter hues, you've landed in the right spot. These downloadable wallpapers have calendar, quote, and blank options. The phone images only have the quotes available. But, the calendars will look fabulous as your tablet or desktop wallpaper. Download all of these below.

January Desktop Wallpaper for All Devices

See all of the designs for this month below. The desktop computer designs are more landscape in nature, while the phone and tablet designs are portrait.

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.
January's quote is from Paul Theroux. "Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." I thought it was the perfect quote to gently lead us into winter and the new year. I went with a watercolor palette of winter blues and aquas, mixed in with some beige and greys. There are large watercolor swashes in the background anchoring the designs. 

Winter Desktop Wallpaper
And our most popular design is always our blank version. It's the one I use, too. It's great for those of us with quite a lot of icon and desktop clutter on our screens. It serves as a nice backdrop to all of the files and busy-ness of my computer screen.

New Monthly Facebook Designs

After starting this device wallpaper series last year, I had many requests for monthly Facebook designs, as well. I just debuted the first set of our January Facebook Timeline Covers yesterday. They're fun and playful for the new year.
January iPad Wallpaper

Downloading onto an iPad or iPhone

Shortly after starting this free wallpaper series, a number of you reached out and asked for download help using your iPad or iPhone. I thought I'd share my own method for that (the way I do this is kind of cheating, but the fact that it's crazy-easy makes that jussssst fine). My 12-year-old calls this a very "unofficial" way to do this...he is actually my IT around these parts (I wish I were kidding, but he's definitely more technologically savvy than his mom).
  • Before I start the process on my phone or tablet, I download my particular device's wallpaper design onto my actual computer (download links are available below). I then email myself that file (I have gmail and it allows me to email to the same address I'm sending from). If you'd prefer to skip the whole emailing yourself process, you'll need to download the Dropbox app on your device (I provide all of the download links for these wallpaper designs within Dropbox for this very reason). I like to send readers to a fantastic tutorial on this Dropbox downloading method here on the iDownload Blog. But, again, if you'd like to avoid that, just email yourself the image from your computer and open the email on your phone. Then, follow the below steps:
    • Open that email that you sent yourself (with the wallpaper attachment) on your device's mail app. At the bottom of your email, you should see the words "Tap to Download". Go ahead and do just that.
How do I download on an iPad
    • Tap on the image you downloaded within the email (it should appear at the bottom of the email). The above image (on the left) is what you should see. Tap the square box outline with the upward arrow in the bottom left corner of your screen (labeled as 1 in the above image).
    • After you've tapped the box, the screen pictured above right should appear. Tap 'Save Image' (labeled as 2 in the above image). Your design should now be saved to your device.
  • Go to the HOME screen on your iPhone. Then, head to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper.
  • On my own phone, my images automatically save to my Camera Roll (I *think* this is the default on most iOS devices like iPhones and iPads). I select Camera Roll and then I find the wallpaper that I just downloaded. If your device saves elsewhere, you'll need to search that place for the download, instead.
  • Feel free to set this new wallpaper design to your lock screen, your home screen, or go a little crazy and do both. It'll be a wonderfully wintery time on your device!
  • That *should* hopefully do the trick for you. Let me know if you have any questions regarding this method.
January Wallpapers

Download Your 2020 January Desktop Wallpaper:

Looking for More Desktop Wallpaper Options? 

Winter Laptop Wallpaper

Happy New Year! May you be inspired in wonderful ways. Be sure to pin this post. Or, sign up for our emails below to be notified when the new monthly freebies are ready to download.


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