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Free Sarcastic Desktop Wallpaper Designs

Happy Fri-YAY! Time for some fun, free sarcastic desktop wallpaper designs.
Your computer can be the snarkiest in the office.

I love having fun designs as my wallpaper. They give me a reason to turn on the computer and work...amiright?!? These are some really silly and sarcastic ones...designed to give you and your coworkers a nice chuckle whilst you're down in the trenches getting that work done. Click on the design you like below to download yours:

Free Sarcastic Desktop Wallpaper Designs


  1. These are too cute! My favorite is 'work hard, brunch harder' - we all know that to be true :)

  2. Love these! I just wish Windows 10 would allow me to change my desktop. 8-)

    1. Hey Grace! Thank you so much! That's a bummer! Maybe they will eventually have an update that will allow you to customize your wallpapers! Thank you bunches for stopping by! xoxo