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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Saturday Only Newsletter from I Should Be Mopping the Floor

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Hey, y'all! Has it been a good week? I'm not even going to pretend...this week has been rough in our house (3 out of 4 of us have had ugly cries). But, it's the weekend now and I plan to hibernate the heehaw out of it. AND, it's supposed to dip into the 60s here...that's like puffer vest weather in Texas! Certainly will be AMAZING!

I first need to start out by apologizing for the debacle that was last week's newsletter. As irony has it, I was in a class on Friday learning all about great newsletters, etc. I had to preschedule my newsletter for last week since I was out of town at that conference. Sadly, the link to the HARVEST print was wrong. And after learning all of this fun new stuff, I felt like such a bum for that link issue. I know several of you emailed and I apologize. That freebie is below, again, so you still have the chance to grab it. Here's to clean links and a better newsletter this time around, huh?

Oh, and if you ever encounter a newsletter issue or just have a question, simply reply back to this email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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Here's what happened this week>>>

Free Thanks AND Giving 8x10 Printable| 09.23.16


I'm just doing a "general fall" decor theme this year, so I've snuck a few Thanksgiving things in early. This printable is one of them.

Click here to download yours.
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Refrigerator Breakfast Bin | 09.22.16


I put together this little box in our fridge for those hectic mornings when my boys may not always sit down to a big breakfast. This post is also in collaboration with The Great Milk Drive and has a good cause AND a giveaway within it.

Click here for the fun.
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Six Black & White Scripture Printables | 09.21.16


These Six Black and White Scripture Printables are my latest Printables for Purchase. I'm super happy with how they came out. A few of them are surrounding verses I've been studying lately. This big bundle is $5.

Click here to purchase directly (via Gumroad).
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How to Make Your Own Bathroom Floating Shelves | 09.20.16


We made some chunky (& FUN) floating shelves for our half bathroom. They're super sturdy and could probably hold the weight of an elephant. The best part? They were seriously not that difficult to construct.

Click here for our complete tutorial.
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Inspiration Monday | 09.19.16

Our hostess of the week, Meegan, picked out some great fall tips and projects to feature at the party this week. Click here to check them out (along with hundreds of other links!).

These blast from the past posts are perfect this time of the year...just click on the photo to check them out>>>


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