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9 Fall Things Printables

These Nine Favorite Fall Things printables are the best of everyone's favorite season.  From hot cups of tea to pumpkins to candles to the quintessential plaid scarf, these printables are sure to bring a smile to your face. There is even a printable collage that includes all of the items with the quote: "These are a few of my favorite fall things". And each printable comes in two size options. See all of these Favorite Fall Things printables below.

Fall Things
With September starting next week, fall is definitely on the horizon (I mean, one can hope, right? I'm over the heat). I'm ready to smell all the pumpkin goodies, wrap up in a scarf, and light my favorite candle. Fall is definitely my favorite. I created this set of Favorite Fall Things prints to really sum up all of the goodies of the season. Each printable is available in both 8x10" PDFs and 5x7" JPEGS. They're all set on a lovely, neutral, buffalo checked background. And then there is also a collage with alllllll of the faves in one spot. 

This entire bundle (you get 18 prints in all) is available for $5 in my shop here or through the button below. You can see all of the designs below, as well. 

Click here to purchase these fall printables for $5 (for the entire pack).

Fall Things Printables

Who is with me in their love for fall? I just can't get enough of the glorious season. In Texas, the summers are just brutally hot, so that sweet relief of fall is desperately welcome (although, it often doesn't roll our way until October or even November...gah!). 

And the colors of fall, y'all...don't get me started. A few years back, I took a work trip in the fall to the northeast. Everyone else on the trip was from places where fall is actually pretty (that's not always the case in Texas). They all giggled at the sheer volume of tree photos I was taking. The colors were just mind blowing. Since then, we've tried to take a trip every other fall or so to a place with the pretty colors, so we can experience all of that gloriousness, as well. And I' hope I've captured a bit of that in these printables. Grab them in the shop here or through the button below.
See all of the designs of these Favorite Fall Things Printables below.
Fall Things Printables
There are so many possibilities with this set of printables. They're fantastic displayed together (hello, gallery wall gorgeousness). Or, display different ones around your home in various places, to welcome fall in different vignettes here and there. It's fun to play with the sizes, too. In the first and last images of this post, you can see what it looks like to display both the 8x10" and 5x7" prints in one display...it's quite lovely, really. Or, rotate some of the designs throughout the season to keep your frames feeling fresh and fabulously fall. 

Fall Things Designs

My favorite design (the collage) is featured below. I couldn't not throw that one in, too.
Favorite Fall Things Printable
I used all of the fall things to create a layered border surrounding the words "These are a few of my favorite fall things". I stuck leaves and berries in all over the place, too, for lots of fallish texture. Seriously, this one really makes me smile. It would be great displayed with the other prints, or just on its own. It's also available in an 8x10" or 5x7" version. Grab the entire bundle here in the shop.

The items featured in the rest of the printables are:

  • plaid scarf
  • pinecone
  • all-weather boots
  • crisp fall leaf
  • hot cup of tea
  • the perfect pumpkin
  • skein of yarn
  • fall candle

You can see all of these printable designs below.

Scarf Printable
And who doesn't love to be wrapped up in a pretty plaid scarf on a chilly fall day? Perfection. 

Pinecone Printable
Fall also seems to be pinecone season...even down here in Texas. I pick up buckets of them on my walks. And then bake out the bugs...fun times. But seriously, pinecones are such a stunning little natural piece of art with all of their layers of goodness.

Wellies Printable
While these cutie booties aren't ideal in our climate down here, I'm a bit jealous of all of you who get to slosh around in these pretty style of weather-proof boots. 

Leaf Printable
A lovely fall leaf couldn't be left out of this set. 

Tea Printable
A cup of hot Earl Grey, anyone?

Pumpkin Printable
The mascot of fall: the perfect pumpkin.

Yarn Printable
And a skein of yarn is helpful for those chilly days spent inside.

Candle Printable
You know the scent of that candle has to be pumpkin something, right? I've already got mine lit, y'all. It smells amazing right about now. 

Again, you can purchase this big bundle of Fall Things Printables here in my shop for $5. Or, directly through the button below.

Click here to purchase these printables.

Favorite Things About Fall

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