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Free May Wallpaper for Computers and Devices

These free May Wallpaper downloads for your computer and devices may be my favorite in this year's series to date (wait, do I say that every month?). I'm just really enjoying the pink and aqua colors in all the watercolor florals and greenery pieces in these May wallpaper designs. They are available with a calendar, quote, or blank option (although, due to size restrictions, the calendar is only available for computers and tablet-style devices). Download your favorite May wallpaper design below to start using it immediately.

Free May Wallpaper Designs for Computers and Devices
The quote for these May wallpaper designs came straight from my Free Inspirational Facebook covers from earlier this week. The most downloaded cover was the "Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day" design. It looks like we all collectively agree that even in the rough and tough and beat-ya-down kind of days, there's still a bit of good to be had. I'm not sure where he picked this up, but my 13-year-old asks me almost daily, "what was your favorite thing that happened today?". It, literally, makes me see the good in every single day. And to him, I am grateful for this sweet reminder to always look for that. That quote, along with the calendar and blank versions, are available in this month's wallpaper designs below.

May Wallpaper Designs

With everything going on in the world, I thought I'd continue the inspirational-design theme right into the May wallpaper designs. The desktop versions have the floral aspects in more of a landscape, or horizontal, fashion, while the tablet and phone designs have the florals in more of a portrait-style, or vertical, orientation. I did keep the watercolor stripes horizontal on both designs...honestly, they looked weird going vertically, even though the flowers went that way.

Free Computer Calendar Wallpaper

This month has a lovely spring-esque watercolor vibe going on. The big flowers peeking in from the corners were probably because of all of those April showers, right?

Above is the calendar option. It is available for computers and tablets (it would be too difficult to read on phone screens).

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

Again, the quote design (pictured above) was pulled straight from my Inspirational Facebook Covers. Be sure to grab one of those to give your Facebook Timeline a little pick-me-up, too.

Watercolor Computer Wallpaper
The blank version is also quite lovely on its own, if I do say so myself. I've mentioned this before, but I always use the blank versions on my own devices since I tend to have a lot of apps and screen clutter.

iPad Calendars


How to Download onto an iPad or iPhone

After starting this digital series in 2019, a number of my readers inquired about download help for their iPad or iPhone. I prefer like to share my own method for this (the way I do this is sort of cheating, but the fact that it's crazy-easy makes that just fine). My teenager calls this a very "unofficial" way to do this...he is actually my resident IT around these parts (I wish I were kidding, but he's definitely more tech-savvy than his mom).

After a recent IOS update for most Apple devices, I've also included an updated way to add wallpaper to your device (I included a screenshot below). It's actually easier than I used to tell you to do it, but I've still included the previous method, if you're more comfortable with that style of updating.

  • Before beginning this process on my Apple iPhone or iPad, I download my device's wallpaper design onto my actual computer (all of the download links are available below).
  • I then email myself the file I downloaded (I have Gmail, which allows me to email to and from the same email address). If you'd like to skip this entire emailing yourself thing, you'll need to download the Dropbox app onto your device (I provide all of the download links for these device designs within Dropbox for this reason). I  send readers to a nifty tutorial on the Dropbox downloading method here on the iDownload Blog. But, again, if you prefer to avoid that, just email yourself the image from your computer and open the email on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the email that you sent yourself (with the pretty wallpaper attachment included) on your device's mail app. At the bottom of your email, you should see the words "Tap to Download". Do that.

How to Install Wallpaper on your iPhone
    • Tap on the image you downloaded within your email (it should appear at the bottom of your email). The above image (on the left in the above graphic of my iPhone screenshots) is what should appear. Tap that small blue square box outline with the upward arrow in the bottom left corner of your screen (labeled as 1, above).
    • After you've pressed that little box icon, the screen pictured above in the middle is what you should see. Tap 'Save Image' (labeled as 2 in the above graphic). Your design should now be saved on your Apple device.
  • The image on the right in the above depiction is the newest version of how to do this (as of May 2020, at least). You'll need to access your images where they are saved on your device.
    • On my particular iPhone, my images automatically save to my Camera Roll (I believe that's the default on most iOS devices like iPhones and iPads). I select Camera Roll and then I locate the design that I just downloaded. If your device saves elsewhere, you'll need to search that place for the download, instead.
    • Select your new design. Swipe your finger upwards on the device to access the menu I shared in above figure 3. As you can see, about halfway down the list is an option to "Use as Wallpaper". Select that option, then your device should prompt you to set the wallpaper as your home screen, lock screen or both. And, that's it!
  • If you would prefer to use my previous method for doing this, or don't have the latest IOS update, you can still use these wallpapers. Instead of the above method, you'll go to your HOME screen on your iPhone or iPad. Then, go to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper.
  • Again, you should be able to access your device's images in the same manner I described above.
  • That *should* hopefully do the trick for you. Let me know if you have any questions regarding either of these methods.
Desktop Wallpaper Designs

Download the 2020 May Wallpaper Designs:

Download the 2019 May Wallpaper Designs:

Below, I've kept the May 2019 quote and blank versions of the wallpaper design easily accessible for you, if you'd like to download it (again, it's available for all of your devices). While I didn't plan it, the quote from last year certainly has the same spirit to it as today's new quote.
Free Desktop Wallpaper

Looking for More Wallpaper Designs for your Devices? 

Desktop Freebies


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