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Free June Desktop Wallpaper for All Devices

These Free June Desktop Wallpaper designs are perfect to take all of your devices straight through the most patriotic time of the year. That little red, white, and blue bunting banner totally says summertime, right? And all of these designs are anchored by that classic blue and white gingham background, too (almost like a summer picnic tablecloth). Grab all of these free June Desktop Wallpaper designs below...they're available for computers, tablets, and phones of all types.

Free June Desktop Wallpaper
As I worked on these designs, it occurred to me it's the sixth set in the entire desktop wallpaper series. And that means we are halfway through the year. How did that happen so fast? Wasn't that ball just dropping to ring in the new year, y'all?

But, this series I launched this year has quickly become one of my favorites (so far, it seems like it's a reader-fave, too!). This month's free June Desktop Wallpaper designs are perfectly patriotic as we head into the summertime. All of your devices will look super festive. And you can keep the quote or blank versions on your devices right up to the fourth of July. Download these freebies below.

Free June Desktop Wallpaper

I do apologize to my readers who are not here in the US. I know this free June Desktop Wallpaper set is a bit geographically-specific. But, the fourth of July (and the weeks leading up to it) is one of my favorite periods of time for the entire year as we celebrate our country. There are blank versions for all devices, too, if that works out better for you. I started adding those blank versions back in April's Desktop Wallpaper set. If you're like me, you have a lot of apps and icons and a word-free design might be necessary so you don't have a lot of other things cluttering up your screen. 

God Bless America Desktop Wallpaper
I always like to share the desktop versions of the designs as examples on here, but the smaller device designs are *almost* exact duplicates of these (just a more vertical version of the design). 

June Digital Calendar
Personally, I enjoy keeping the calendar on my own computer's desktop. I like to refer to it at a glance, rather than open my calendar app (which sucks me in too far with all of the appointments, and can get me off track). An easy-to-glance-at calendar is a bit better for me. 

Digital Patriotic Bunting
I kept the blank version as simple as make seeing your apps the main priority of your screen. I did darken up the gingham on this version just a bit.

Patriotic Laptop Wallpaper

As I mentioned above, this entire desktop wallpaper series has become a favorite and I plan to continue it next year, too. They've been a lot of fun to design every month (even though, I *may* wait until the last day or so of the month to design these). If you haven't had a chance yet, be sure to also check out the January, February, MarchApril, and May versions. I'm hoping you love this festive and patriotic June wallpaper just as much, too.

June Digital Designs

Download Your Free June Desktop Wallpaper:

June Desktop Calendar

Downloading onto an iPad or iPhone

After I started this free wallpaper series, I received a number of emails asking for help with downloading to an iPad or iPhone. I thought I'd share my best tips for doing just that (the method I use it is kind of cheating, but it's super simple, so there's that).
  • Before I begin on my smaller devices, I download my particular phone's (or iPad's) wallpaper design on my computer's desktop. Then I email that download to myself (I always email myself stuff, am I alone in this?). If you'd prefer to avoid emailing yourself, you'll need to download the Dropbox app on your phone or tablet (I provide all of these wallpaper designs within Dropbox for this very reason). I found a super tutorial on this method here on the iDownload Blog. Again, if you'd like to avoid that, just email the design from your computer to yourself, like I do, and follow these steps:
    • Open the email with the attachment on your device's mail app. At the bottom of the email, it will say "Tap to Download". You'll need to do just that.
How to Download on an iPhone
    • Tap the image that you just downloaded within your email (it should appear at the bottom of your email). The above image (on the left) is what should pop up. Tap the little box with the upward arrow on the bottom left corner of your screen (labeled as 1).
    • After you've tapped that box, the screen pictured above right should appear. Tap 'Save Image' (labeled as 2 in the above image)). Your design is now saved to your device.
    • Now, go to Settings>Wallpaper>Choose a New Wallpaper.
    • My images automatically save to my Camera Roll (I am *almost positive* this is the default on most iOS devices like iPhones and iPads). I select Camera Roll and then I select my wallpaper that I downloaded. If your device saves elsewhere, you'll need to search there for the image you downloaded.
    • Now, you can set this new wallpaper to your lock screen, your home screen, or both.
    • That *should* do it! Let me know if you have any issues with this method. Again, it's a bit of a back door way to get this done, but it's easy (and I'm all about easy).

June iPhone Wallpaper

I hope you're enjoying this free wallpaper series. Let me know if there are any specific designs you'd be interested in seeing in the second half of the series. I'm also considering a monthly Facebook Timeline Cover edition, as well, if there is enough interest in it.

Looking for More FreeWallpaper Designs? 

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  2. Funny, I still have the March calendar on my computer, and was wondering what happened to the other months. Guess I just wasn't paying attention. Took me three months to notice. Oops, hehe. Thank you for these!


    1. Ha! That's too funny. Well, I am glad you liked March so much. xoxo

  3. I love these! You are so nice to create them for us, so THANK YOU for all of the beautiful designs. You so Rock!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Lydia! I'm so glad you like them! Thank YOU so much for your sweet words and support! xoxo