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5 Free Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages

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Is there anything sweeter than a homemade gift from your children? These five Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages are perfect for kids of all ages to color for dear ol' dad. There is even room for them to add in their own creativity with color choices. So pop open a fresh box of crayons and get the littles busy with these five free Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages.

Free Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages
Father's Day is in a couple of weeks, friends. Who is ready?  I feel like the first few weeks of June can be a bit of a blur as we come off of that post-end-of-school craziness. But, sometimes simple is better all around. Dad would probably love nothing more than a peaceful day, a good dinner, and a thoughtful gift (or two) from his kids. There are five of these free Father's Day Coloring Sheets below.

Free Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages

The gifts I treasure the most from my kids are those sweet handmade ones. I daily use a plastic coffee mug that has a drawing of my son and I sandwiched within the clear walls of the sides of the cup. It was one of those precious preschool gifts from my youngest, who is now taller than I am. But, it was handmade and the best thing ever. And it still means the world to me. My husband is the same way. So, I just know all of the other dads out there will probably melt when they see these cute coloring pages, too! Again, there are five designs to choose from...some punny, some sweet. See each of these free free Father's Day printable coloring pages below.

Designs Included in these Free Father's Day Coloring Pages:

  • The illustrations below are for all ages: from toddlers to older kids. 
  • Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils and get creative. 
  • Use dad's favorite colors or go with your own color picks. 
  • Designs are listed below:
Tie Coloring Page for Father's Day
There is no tie for best dad.
You'll always win.

Nobody Can Fill Your Shoes Printable
Nobody can fill your shoes.
Happy Father's Day!

#1 Dad Printable
#1 DAD

My Dad is the Best Printable

Hipster Father's Day Printable

How to Print and Use these Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages:

  • Download these five free Father's Day printable coloring sheets below.
  • Print your coloring page onto regular paper using your printer's black and white setting.
  • Color, color, color! This is where the creativity can come in for sure. 
    • Grab the classic BIG box of Crayola Crayons (in a pack of two), with the sharpener built in to the box, here on Amazon.
  • If you'd like to frame your page (they are purposefully designed to fit into an 8x10" frame, if you want to go that route), it's best to print onto letter-sized white cardstock.
  • Many of these coloring pages have background designs that look awesome when completely colored in (all the way to the edges of the page). When you frame these kind of designs in a matted frame, the coloring really pops! 
Free Printable Father's Day Coloring Sheets

Download Your Father's Day Printable Coloring Pages:

Again, each of these coloring pages is sized at 8x10" and can be printed onto letter-sized paper or cardstock. Download one or all of these cute printables below.

Need Assistance with Downloading or Printing These or Other Printables?

If you're new to downloading and printing printables, or maybe just need a bit of assistance, I have a complete video tutorial below to help you out. It covers how to both download and print your printables on either a Mac or a PC. If you still have questions, be sure to check out my How to Print a Printable tutorial, or leave me a comment below.

Free Father's Day Printables

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