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Monday, July 16, 2018

How to Print a Printable

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The question I get most from readers is always about how to print a printable. I've had this question pop up for years and I usually reply to an email or comment with lots of specifics. I thought I'd go ahead and create a video tutorial to make this a bit easier. I've even included tips on how to print a printable using a professional print shop, too. Check it all out below.
Printing a Printable
Whether you're using a Mac or PC, I have you covered today. We're chatting about all of the best tips and tricks for how to print a printable. Hope you enjoy the complete, step-by-step video tutorial below. 

How to Print a Printable

Paper for Printing Printables

 Paper for Printable Printing

  • As I explained in the above video, I prefer to print most of my at-home items onto card stock. It's easy to grab here on Amazon.
  • I also explained that I enjoy using printable sticker paper from time to time. It makes it easy to turn almost any printable into a sticker. Grab sticker paper here on Amazon.

The Best Printers for At-Home Printing

  • My printer isn't a fancy one, but it works great for my needs (and y'all, all I do is print printables). I use an HP Deskjet 3755 (grab it here on Amazon for less than $50). I am enrolled in the HP Ink Club, so I never buy ink, either...they just send it to me when my printer lets them know it's low. This isn't a sponsored post, either...I just really like this service. 
  • If you're looking for something a bit more heavy duty, I also use this HP LaserJet Pro. It's a bit pricier, but it does a nice job.

How to Print at Home

Ready for Free Printables to Print? 

Here are some of my FAVES:

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