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Free Father's Day Printable Questionnaire

This post for a Father's Day Printable Questionnaire contains affiliate links. I'm a member of amazon services llc associates program and make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

A few years ago, our youngest brought home the sweetest questionnaire about his parents (that's us!). It was one of my favorite things ever. I've wanted to create a more specific Father's Day Printable Questionnaire ever since. You can see my versions of this free Father's Day questionnaire below.

Father's Day Printable Questionnaire
I've seen some of these around the interwebs, but wanted one that could also be colored in, if desired. So I created today's free Father's Day Printable Questionnaire with a colorable option, as well, to kind of personalize it a bit further. But, there is a full-color one ready to go, too. This questionnaire has different versions available: both dad and stepdad options. Each list of questions will bring a smile to Dad's face.

The colors in the (already colored-in version) of this questionnaire were inspired by my husband's tie (pictured above as a prop). It's one of his faves and I love the colors in it. But, the black and white colorable printable is totally up to your kids...have them color it for dear ol' dad and he'll love the sentiment. Download this Father's Day Printable Questionnaire in one of these four design options below.

I've included more Father's Day ideas at the bottom of this post, too.

Father's Day Printable Questionnaire

Whether you print out the colorable version or the *almost* ready-to-go questionnaire version of these Father's Day printables, any dad or step dad will absolutely love these. They make perfect Father's Day gifts. And heartfelt gifts always mean the most on holidays like this one. Frame it up for dad to keep forever. He'll always feel like your superhero!
Father's Day Questionnaire

Father's Day Questionnaire Questions

Just so you know what you are downloading before actually downloading, I have listed out all of the questions included on both the dad and step dad version of this questionnaire below (since it's not always easy to read the actual printables in photos). Both the colorable and the colored-in versions have the same questions. The colorable questionnaires have slightly intricate backgrounds that are even fun for older kids to take part in the coloring factor (or even mom may grab a crayon!).

All About My Dad

  • My dad's name is (blank).
  • My dad is (blank) years old.
  • My dad's favorite food: (blank)
  • My dad's favorite drink: (blank)
  • My dad's favorite thing to do: (blank)
  • My dad is really good at this: (blank)
  • My dad always says this to me: (blank)
  • I love my dad because (blank).
  • My name: (blank)

All About My Step Dad

  • My step dad's name is (blank).
  • My step dad is (blank) years old.
  • His favorite food: (blank)
  • His favorite drink: (blank)
  • His favorite thing to do: (blank)
  • My step dad is really good at this: (blank)
  • My step dad always says this: (blank)
  • I love my step dad because (blank).
  • My name: (blank)
Free Printable Father's Day Questionnaire

How to Print and Use This Father's Day Questionnaire 

  • Each download link for the questionnaires is listed below.
  • These printable questionnaires are for personal use. However, if you have a small business or shop and would like to carry the printed version (no digital redistribution is allowed), you can grab a commercial license here.
  • Print onto letter-sized white cardstock for durability.
  • If printing the colorable version, be sure to set your printer to its black and white setting to save a bit of ink. Incidentally, the colorable versions make fun Father's Day activities.
    As I mentioned above, these printables are actually designed to be framed once they're colored and filled out. They can be trimmed to fit an 8x10" frame (as pictured above). They make lifelong keepsakes for dad's office wall when framed in this manner.
Printable Questionnaire for Father's Day

Download Your Father's Day Printable Questionnaire:

Father's Day Questionnaire Coloring Page

More Free Father's Day Printables

Not Sure How to Download or Print Your Printables?

Be sure to watch my complete video tutorial below that covers how to download and print your printables on either a Mac and a PC. There are also instructions for printing on your home printer or uploading to your local printing shop. Still have a few questions? You can also check out my post on How to Print a Printable.

Father's Day Printables
What kinds of things do you give to dad on his big day?

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