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Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable

This post for a free Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

This Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable is actually available in two designs: one with and one without the light purple lace background. These tags are wonderful for a variety of occasions, or just because. Attach them to small gifts, or better yet, a pretty bundle of fresh (or dried) lavender.

Gift Tag Labels Printable
While our official Lavender Week was last week, with our reader requests of turning my original Lavender and Lace Printables into greeting cards, I decided to also make this Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable. I suppose I'm stringing out the lavender loveliness a bit more, but how can I not? Not only is this tag design perfect for gift giving, these would also be fantastic for organizing, as well. Tie them to baskets or boxes to label your belongings in a really lovely way. And I promise...I have the greeting cards available, too (I'm being a bit sneaky about them)! Details on all of this (and download links) are available below.

Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable

While I loved the lavender pitcher design in the original Lavender Printables post, this sweet bucketful of lavender lent itself a bit better to a gift tag design. It allowed for more room to add your information or sentiments, since I could easily tuck it into a bottom corner/side of the tag.
Free Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable
I think they'd be particularly lovely tied to a brown paper gift bag...maybe with a lace doily attached for extra texture. And again, that light purple lace background is only included on one of the designs. The other gift tag has a white background, to save you a bit or ink, or for those who prefer a more minimal design. 

Lavender Gift Tag Labels Printable

Printing and Using this Gift Tag Labels Printable

  • You'll be able to download your favorite tag design below in the download links section. I offer a Dropbox download method, as well.
  • Print these tags onto letter-sized white cardstock paper. Regular printer paper is far too flimsy and thin for tags of this nature. It will curl on the edges.
  • Once your tags are printed, you can cut on the inside or outside of the green outline around the perimeter of the tag.
  • Punch a hole in the green circle. I like to use a smaller, 1/8" hole punch for this (as pictured in the image above). It provides a sturdier punched hole and doesn't take away from the design in any manner.
  • Attach your tags to whatever you like with twine, ribbon, or string. I prefer jute twine for this, since it has that rustic look that mimics the design of these particular tags (nothing says rustic like a rusty bucket, right?). 

Lavender Greeting Card Printables

As promised, I did create the Lavender and Lace Greeting Cards, after several reader requests. However, they are not housed here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I thought this would be a fun opportunity to tell you about a new blog I've been putting together all summer: Print Pretty Cards

Printable Lavender Cards
I created a brand new blog to nurture my love of greeting card designs. They are my first love in the graphic design world (I used to have a small Christmas card designing business years ago and was a bit sad when I phased it out due to the busy-ness of keeping up with I Should Be Mopping the Floor). But, as I've learned to streamline and batch-work a bit more throughout the years, I'm bringing back my greeting card love in a new spot: Print Pretty Cards. I'd love to know what you think. Head over there for these Free Printable Lavender and Lace Greeting Cards (one is pictured above). There are two designs available and the download process is the exact same as it is over here. I will still be over here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor, as usual. I plan to just post a new card over there once a week or so. Here's to new adventures, y'all! 

And the coordinating gift tag labels printable is available here, below.
Lavender Labels to Print

Download Your Lavender Gift Tags

Again, find the coordinating Lavender Greeting Card Printables over on Print Pretty Cards. And the original inspiration behind all of this lavender fun started with my Free Lavender and Lace Printables. I have more specific free printable tags for lavender sprays, as well, available. Are you over the lavender mayhem, yet?

Lavender Gift Tags

Looking for More Gift Tag Printables?

Need Downloading or Printing Assistance?

Be sure to watch through my complete video tutorial below. It covers both downloading and printing from either a Mac or a PC. It also has tips for printing on your home printer or uploading to your local print shop. Still have questions? Check out my tutorial on How to Print a Printable.


  1. gorgeous!! i love lavender and you have done a wonderful job with these printable tags.

    1. Thank you so much, Tamalita! You're always so kind about my work. It's much appreciated. xoxo

  2. These are lovely! And a sweet touch for gift giving.


    1. Thank you so much, Alexandra! I really appreciate that. xoxo