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11 Unique Containers for Flower Arrangements

This post for Unique Containers for Flower Arrangements contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

I'm definitely not a traditional vase person...I love containers with character and quirkiness. And since my cutting garden has hit its peek and is overflowing with floral goodness, I've been using anything and everything I can get my hands on for arrangements these days. Check out my 11 Unique Containers for Flower Arrangements below.

Unique Containers for Flower Arrangements
I mentioned it earlier this season, but my garden took a big shift this year from mostly vegetables to mostly flowers (with a few herbs and a tomato plant or two thrown in). I've actually loved this and plan to do it again next year. Flowers are so much easier than vegetables and bring me so much JOY when I see them. They're practically disease free and the "cut and come again" varieties I've planted have kept giving me more and more stems all season long. Because of this abundance, I've been finding more fun ways to display and share these home-grown pretties. See my simple ideas for Unique Containers for Flower Arrangements below.

Thrifty Style Team

Today is also our monthly Thrifty Style Team series. My friends have also shared LOADS of goodness at the end of today's post. Be sure to stop by and tell them all hello!

Sasha Nicholas Champagne Bucket

11 Unique Containers for Flower Arrangements

No need to spend money on a fancy vase...just raid the cupboards for some of these simple vase alternatives below.

Fall Table Setting

1. Champagne Bucket

Vintage or brand new, a champagne bucket is a nice, large substantial piece that can be the perfect focal point of a table...filled to the brim with florals! On last year's pink and blue autumn tablescape, I used my favorite Sasha Nicholas Champagne bucket, filled with roses, as the star of the show (pictured above). This piece was definitely a splurge for me. I had been eyeing it forever. In 2019, we took a trip to St. Louis and I had the chance to visit the Sasha Nicholas store and pick out my own champagne bucket to be monogrammed. However, I also have a small champagne/ice bucket from a thrift store that works in just the same manner. No need to get too spendy.

Blue and White Sugar Bowl

2. Sugar Bowl

A classic sugar bowl is the perfect piece for a smaller, nosegay arrangement that is cut short. I used the above sugar bowl (sans lid) in the arrangement below.

Blue and White Vase
There are a couple of tricks to getting a full arrangement like this in such a wide-opening bowl:
  • Trim the stems SHORT! This is the perfect solution for a vase of flowers that is on the downhill to gunky stems at the end of their life. Just trim the yucky parts off and switch them to a sugar bowl.
  • Add in short little stems of greenery. In this case, I used basil from my garden. I honestly grow a bunch of basil for this purpose...it's the perfect greenery for floral arrangements (and adds such a lovely fragrance).
  • Use flowers with the larger heads...in this case, I grabbed my bigger Zinnias. Even cut short, they still look HUGE in such a little bowl.

Creamer Pitcher Vase

3. Creamer Pitcher

Alongside its partner, the sugar bowl, a cute little creamer pitcher can't be beat for a small arrangement. These are darling to tuck into small spaces (perfect for a powder room).

Chinoiserie Creamer
I actually use creamers for holding LOTS of things (including cream!). Be sure to check out my post on 11 Uses for a Vintage Creamer Pitcher.

Spa Bathroom

4. Vintage Wash Basin and Pitcher

So many of us have these pretty vintage wash basins from our mothers and grandmothers. Mine often sits empty, but look how it comes to life in the above photo with a few flowers tucked inside. Because of my pitcher's age, water seeps out, so I place my flowers in a jar inside the pitcher.

Juice Glass Vase

5. Juice Glass

I think the classic juice glass is perfect for a small bouquet. It would be fun to have several bouquets like this down the middle of the table. Incidentally, that wild pink flower (above) is a new variety of Zinnia I tried out this year called Cactus Zinnia. Isn't it fun?

Tea Tin Vase

6. Tea Tins

I can never bring myself to toss tea tins. I usually buy my tea in bulk and just refill the tins, but I still have quite the collection of these cute tins. And they're so pretty, why not reuse, right? I use a jar inside the tin before adding water and flowers. Doesn't it make for a darling little arrangement?

Harney and Sons Tea
I think the kitchen is the perfect spot for a tea tin full of flowers. In the fall, I use one of my Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea tins, since the colors are perfect. If you've never tried their Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea, you definitely should.

Copper Kettle

7. Tea Kettle

Isn't a copper kettle so fun for a floral arrangement? It would be darling for a centerpiece at a tea party. Again, I used a jar for my arrangement, and just set it inside the kettle.

Tea Cup Vase

8. Tea Cup

Clearly, I love tea. But, a tea cup is truly the sweetest little vessel for flowers. Just like the sugar bowl, you'll just cut your stems super short (great for flowers on their last leg).

Pitcher Vase

9. Water Pitcher

I have several vintage water pitchers that see more flowers than water. But, they're just the perfect vase shape! This one is full of Sunflowers, Marigolds, and more Zinnias.

Wine Bottle Vase

10. Wine or Water Bottle

For a long-stemmed flower, a wine or water bottle makes an excellent bud vase. They add lots of height to any space, as well.

Salt Shaker Vase

11. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vintage salt and pepper shakers (with the removable lids) make darling little bud vases. These are also perfect for kitchen or breakfast room decor.

Garden Tags
If your garden is overflowing right now, too, I hope some of these ideas will give you more vase options. And be sure to share a few of your flowers with family and friends. Grab my free printable garden gift tags (pictured above) for all of your garden goodness.

Thrifty Style Team Projects

Affordable Decor
And of course, it's one of my favorite days of the month: Thrifty Style Team Day! I have teamed up with a group of my favorite blogger friends again to share lots of budget-friendly (yet, super stylish) inspiration for your home and garden. See all of my friends' wonderful projects below.


  1. Kristi - thanks for sharing these great floral arrangement ideas. I especially love the tea tins. Next, you will ned to share how to keep garden blooms alive LOL

  2. I love all of your ideas, Kristi! So inspiring and the next time I get the urge to reach for a vase to fill with flowers I'll remember your unique ideas and reach for something else instead. xo

  3. The zinnias in the tea tin is my favorite one! So pretty!

  4. I absolutely LOVE finding cool things to use for vases. I love the tea kettle-I did that once and forgot all about it.

  5. Oh this post spoke to my soul! Love flowers (especially zinnias!) and love them in unique containers too! My favorites of yours are the tea pot and tea tin!!! Beautiful!