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Pumpkin Topiary Printables

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Today's free pumpkin topiary printables are that neutral-toned palette that so many of my readers enjoy. The stacked trio of gourd goodness is perfect for your fall decor. This print is available in two sizes and two formats below.

Pumpkin Topiary
According to the overflowing fall goodies on the shelves at my local craft store, we have the all clear for all-things-pumpkin (even in mid-August)! Today's pumpkin topiary printables are the first of my fall designs for 2022. They're simple, wordless, and have muted neutral colors. Download your favorite size and format below.

Pumpkin Topiary Printables

Who knew stacked pumpkins would become such a fun way to decorate for fall? And this printable version of a pumpkin topiary is even easier: download, print, frame, and display. It's instant fall decor in your home or work space. These three pumpkins have muted earth tones for all of your neutral fans, too (I see you!). There is also a very light, watercolor, rough buffalo check background that blends seamlessly into the overall design.

Pumpkin Topiary Printables

Pumpkin Printable Options

These free fall printables are available in the following sizes and formats:
  • 8x10" PDF
  • 8x10" JPEG
  • 5x7" PDF (comes with two designs per page)
  • 5x7" JPEG

Free Pumpkin Topiary Printables

Printing and Usuing Your Pumpkin Topiary Printables

  • These designs are for personal use. However, if you do own your own small shop or business, you may purchase a commercial use license here. Only printed products can be sold under the license- digital redistribution is not allowed.
  • You can download your printables below the following image.
  • Again, these printables come in a variety of sizes. Here is what is available and why they're formatted in this manner:
    • The 8x10" PDF format is always my most popular size of the bunch. This size is actually set up to be easily printed onto a letter-sized page for simple at-home printing. 
    • The 8x10" and 5x7" JPEG options are set up like images or photographs. You may upload and print them at your local photo-printing shop or even at home if you have photo-printing capabilities. If a business asks for printing permission, simply show them this post on your phone. You have my permission to print these for your personal use.
    • The 5x7" PDF format gives you an option of printing these sizes easily on your home printer (PDFs are best for that). There are two images per page in these formats (one to keep and one to share...plus, less paper waste). 
  • These pumpkin printables look their very best when printed onto white cardstock paper (if you've stopped by this site before, you've heard me preach on the awesomeness of printing on cardstock). Regular paper is very thin and anything behind it in a frame will show through, causing the print's colors to not come through as intended (often with a grey undertone to the entire piece). 


Download Your Pumpkin Topiary

Watercolor Pumpkin Printable

Pumpkin Printables

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  1. Thank you so much. I love them

  2. Perfect for Fall! Thank you!

  3. I love this topiary! And I've printed it twice (pdf & jpg), but the background doesn't show up and it has smudges of color where it shouldn't. I've run the troubleshooter on my printer, and I've been printing other things today that are OK. Is anyone else having this problem?