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Garden Gift Ideas and Printable Tags

This post for Free Printable Garden Gift Tags contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Today's free garden gift tags and garden gift ideas are a delicious way to wrap up summertime. You can bless your friends and neighbors with some good things, too! Plus, it's a great way to dress up gifts in a budget-friendly manner.

Garden Gift Tags
Step up your garden gifts with these sweet little tags. If you're like me, I'm usually shoving tomatoes into a plastic grocery sack and hanging them on the neighbors' door handles. I thought it might be nice to actually package everything in a cute way that will make the gift that much more enjoyable. Download these free printable garden gift tags below...and be sure to check out my favorite garden gift ideas, too.

Thrifty Style Team
It's also Thrifty Style Team day! My talented friends have all shared some wonderful home decor ideas below. While my garden tags aren't exactly decor, they are still a thrifty way to gift something from your garden...and style it up a bit!

Free Printable Garden Gift Tags

Free Printable Garden Gift Tags
I made these simple garden gift tags in black and white, so they won't use too much of your ink. They have a little house in the middle of the tag that is blooming with garden goodness.

My Backyard Garden

Summer Garden Photos
The garden (pictured above) has been good to me this year, especially lately. Although my tomatoes left a lot to be desired up until a week or so ago, *almost* everything else seems to have done pretty well...especially my flowers! So, it's time to start harvesting and gifting (my favorite part!). Although we use a lot of the vegetables and flowers in our own home, I try to plant extra to give to friends and neighbors. Homegrown gifts are as much appreciated as homemade ones!
Jelly Jar Flowers
I started a flower cutting garden about a year and a half ago when I wasn't able to get to the stores much with everything happening (and I just love fresh flowers in the house). It ended up being so wonderful last year, that I tripled its size this year. It provides our home with endless bouquets and I just love it. I also love that it gives me plenty to share, too. Most of my neighbors are a bit older and don't get out. They're absolutely adorable when I drop off a jar of zinnias on their doorstep. 

Vegetable Gift Baskets
And my fruits and veggies definitely round out my garden, with plenty to share, as well.

Strawberry Baskets
I ditched the plastic grocery sacks and bought these fun (and budget-friendly) berry baskets to give away veggies. They really stepped up the garden-gifting game. 

Garden Tags for Gifts

Garden Gift Ideas

Below are some of my favorite ways to share my garden's bounty.
  • flowers in jelly jars (we save our Bonne Maman jars after they're empty...they make cute vases)
  • vegetables in the little berry baskets
  • herbs tucked into paper treat bags
  • olive oil infused with herbs
  • sugar scrubs made with herbs (lavender is the best!)
  • fresh garden salsa 
  • a cutting or two for others to start their own plants
  • homemade pickles from cucumbers (or anything that you are able to can from the garden)
  • I've also created little baskets with tomatoes, fresh oregano, and basil and tucked in a printable recipe card with a tomato sauce recipe on it. 
  • seeds saved from my favorite varieties of plants so the plant can live on in another few gardens

Kitchen Gift Tags

From the Kitchen Of Gift Tags
If you're more of a "gifts from the kitchen" rather than "gifts from the garden" sort (or maybe you're both!), you might also enjoy my Free Printable Gift Tags for Food Gifts (pictured above). These tags are over on my other blog, Print Pretty Cards

Printing and Using Your Garden Gift Tags

Free Printable Garden Tags



  • Download your tags below.
  • Print onto letter-sized white cardstock.
  • Trim, loop with twine, and tie to your gift. I wrapped my twine around my berry basket like a present bow. 
  • There is also space on the bottom of the tag, if you'd like to include your name (as pictured below)
Printable Garden Tags

Download these Garden Gift Tags:

Printable Garden Labels

Flowers from the Garden

Thrifty Style Team Ideas

And don't's Thrifty Style Team Day! Below the following image, my friends are sharing some wonderfully thrifty ideas, as well.
Home Decorating Ideas


  1. Wow Kristi, your garden is amazing! I love these sweet gift tags, so perfect for sharing 😉

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  5. Your garden treats look delicious, Kristi. You are so kind to share your aqua baskets and sweet tags with friends.

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  13. Kristi.. I love your tags that you make ... they are soooooooooooooo cute but could please make them smaller in size. I love putting them with my flowers or veggies but the tag is so big that is all you see when giving the gift. Maybe if you make them in a page of six. With your garden tags I even color them if I have some time .. LOL .. call me crazy ..just love making things pretty. Thank you for all your creativity.. you are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!