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Free Printable Cute To Do Lists

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These free printable and CUTE to do lists will put a smile on anyone's face who uses them. With their bright colors and fun florals, they make list-making a bit more enjoyable. There are three size options below.

Cute To Do Lists
With kids heading back to school, this season becomes an unofficial time to reorganize and reset the house for me. I'm sure I can't be alone in this idea. As I was making lists of things I need to reorganize the other day, I realized the back of the receipt I was writing on really wasn't too inspiring in the organization (or cute) department. So, I designed some new lists. I thought you might enjoy them, too. These can be used for ANY kind of list making...not just TO DOs. Download your favorite version below.

Cute To Do Lists

Free Printable Cute To Do Lists
As you can see from the photo above, there are three size options, but they all print onto letter-sized pages. The sizes available are:
  • full-sized letter page (8.5x11")
  • 4x10.5" (prints with two per page)
  • 3x5" (prints with four per page)

The larger two sizes have circles for checks. The smaller, 3x5" size has smaller lines for quick lists and notes. 

The florals included in the background design are yellow sunflowers and orange and pink ranunculus flowers. They are all set atop a navy blue background

Printable Stationery
I have found myself using the 3x5" cards on my desk every day for notes and such. They tuck into my little desk caddy perfectly, always at the ready.

Printable Cute To Do Lists
All of these sweet and cute to do lists can be used however you like. On the larger one (above), I share how it can be used as a daily list of items to accomplish. This larger size has two columns of lines to utilize.

To Do List Printables
The medium size is what I'd consider to be my "quintessential shopping list". I have used this size of list for over 20 years. And honestly, I like not having these on a pad...they tend to get kind of ratty at the part where the paper is torn off. I can just print a couple out at the beginning of the week to use as needed. 

NEW! Editable Checklist Option:

Sunflower To Do List
I also have the (above pictured) editable checklist available here in my Etsy shop for $2. It's covered in beautiful sunflowers and other jewel-toned florals. It's editable on your computer, or just print and use with a pen.

Mini To Do List

How to Print and Use these Cute To Do Lists:

Mom To Do List
  • These lists are for personal use only. If you do own a small shop or business, you may purchase a commercial license here to sell the printed versions (no digital redistribution is allowed).
  • All three size options are PDF formats.
  • All three size options are designed to be printed onto letter-sized paper or cardstock. I prefer white cardstock (you can grab some here on Amazon).
  • For the smaller two size options, simply print and cut to use. I love my Fiskars Paper Trimmer (pictured above) to make quick and exact work of cutting.

Download Your To Do Lists:

Free Printable To Do Lists to Get Organized

Cute Printable To Do List PDF

More Printable To Do List Options:

I try to design most of my printables in a style that resonates with lots of different tastes. However, I know my particular aesthetic isn't for everyone. I have several blogging friends who have designed a cute to do list or two, as well:
And of course, I Should Be Mopping the Floor is no stranger to a printable to do list. I have several other ones I have designed over the years, as well:

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  1. Thanks for the lovely printables! Have you considered doing an errands list? Cheers!