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The Best Student Planner for High School and Middle School

This post for the Best Student Planner contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

By far, this has to be the most comprehensive, biggest, and BEST student planner ever put together for high school and middle school students (that was a blatant brag...but I've literally been working on this one for months). See all of its details below.

Best Student Planner
This ready-made planner really is the best student planner out there...for both high school and middle school students. In all honesty, it would be a gem for college kids, too. Please keep in mind, though, this is really a planner designed for those who are super serious about their's BIG (thick and letter-sized!) because of just HOW comprehensive it is. Due to its size, it's not for the "on-the-fence" planners. There are two design options for the cover, plus it's available in both paperback and hard cover. You can see ALL of the details and contents of this student planner below.

The Best Student Planner

It's taken me a couple of months, but I FINALLY finished and published this new planner. I have had SO many requests for a preprinted version of my free high school planning pages, that I finally sat down and created it. Again, it's a BIGGIE. But, truly has everything your organized student could ever dream of. I made a complete video tour of the book for you below:

Student Planner
There are two versions of this planner...but, I am in LOVE with the pink floral for sure. I also have a plainer blue one that you can see below.

Free Printable Student Planner

Free Printable Student Planner
If you'd rather download my free student planner printables (pictured above), they're definitely just as helpful as the preprinted book. They give you options on customizing your planning, too, depending on which pages you utilize. Do keep in mind, though, when it's all said and done (and you've printed out an entire school year's worth of planning pages), it's more cost effective to buy the ones that are ready-made on Amazon. See the different cover options available below.

Planner Design Options

myhomework student planner
This planner comes in the following options:

More Details about the Best Student Planner:

College Student Planner
  • Again, it's a BIG planner! You can see from the image above that it is over an inch thick. This one is just for those serious-about-organizing-and-planning students!
  • The planner is letter-sized (8.5x11").
  • It includes 450 pages.
  • There are 10 Months of planning sections.
    • Each monthly section also includes five weeks of planning pages.
  • It includes a Yearly Goal Setting List.
  • It also contains Monthly Goal Setting Lists.
  • There are combined Weekly Goal Setting and To-Do Lists for every week.
  • There are Upcoming Test and Quiz Tracking Pages for every month.
  • There are lined Notes Pages for every month.
  • There are also horizontal, blank Calendar Pages for every Month
    • These are easy to fill in with appointments and important dates.
  • Weekly Homework Trackers are also included.
  • And everyone's favorite Daily Schedule Pages are included for every single day.
    • These are laid out with hourly increments from 5am-10pm.
    • These include mini to-do list sections, mini goal sections, and a space to track ideas.
  • I've also included Weekend Schedule Pages.
    • These have spaces for Saturday and Sunday schedules with hourly increments from 6am-10pm.
    • There is also an included section to jot down thoughts and ideas.
  • There is a Complete Table of Contents to easily access each month (or use one of the free printable bookmarks below).
  • All of the pages are numbered.
  • And in the front of the planner is a detailed instruction list on how to put it into action. 
Again, these planners are available through Amazon, through the links below:

Inside Content Pages

Happy Planner Student
The first couple of pages have a built-in "bookplate" of sorts to fill in the owner's name and contact information. The next page is the table of contents. I left the month name blank so it can be customized by the student depending on how their school year falls in the calendar year. 

Student Academic Planner
The page on "How to Use this Student Planner" has loads of great tips and tricks on really making this planner work.

Then, the Yearly Goals sheet will probably be the first thing filled in by the student. I'm a firm believer in goal setting and have incorporated lots of goal setting opportunities throughout this student planner.

Again, these planners are available through Amazon, through the links below:

Planner for Students
The monthly calendar is on the horizontal, for maximum writing space. One is included for each of the 10 months in the planner.

Best Planner for Students
There is a Monthly Goals sheet for every month. It can help break down the Yearly Goals into smaller, achievable monthly tasks.

The monthly Test and Quiz tracker is perfect to jot down the important dates of upcoming exams.

Weekly Student Planner
There are lined Notes pages included for every month.

Every week starts out with a combined Weekly Goals and Weekly To Do List page.

Student Academic Planner
Homework Trackers are also included for each week. These are helpful to keep up with all of the assignments given out.

And the Daily Schedule is laid out in hourly increments from 5am-10pm.

The Daily Schedule sheets include mini to-do list sections, mini goal sections, and a space to track ideas.

Blue Sky Student Planner
The Weekend Schedule combines both Saturday and Sunday on one page. It includes a Thoughts and Ideas section, too.

Coordinating Free Printable Bookmarks 

I designed two sets of free printable bookmarks (pictured below) for your student to use with their planner. Even if you're not going to get the best student planner ever, feel free to download these for regular bookmark usage. 
Printable Bookmarks
These bookmarks are easy to print and use. You can even embellish them in the following manners:

Bookmark Details and Usage:

  • Be sure to print your bookmarks onto white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results.
  • Both of the designs print with four bookmarks per page. 

Download your Bookmarks:

Free Printable Bookmarks

Student Planner Daily

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  1. Oh, Kristi! As a fan of yours who is using your first Amazon planner and bought the meal planner as a gift, I'm so excited to see you're continuing to sell your beautiful creations on line!! The covers are perfect (of course) and the contents are so complete!! I wish Amazon showed the inside the way you did here.

    Just looking at the range of your items on Amazon shows some of your talent - the designs are so beautiful in various styles! GOOD LUCK with this new launch and all that you do! :)

    1. Aveline-- I can't thank you enough for your kind words! I really appreciate that motivates me to keep creating these items. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. xoxo, kristi