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Free Printable Planner Stickers

This post for free printable planner stickers contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

With all of the goodies that come with a new school year, planners are my absolute favorite. And planner stickers are just the cherry on top of that delicious party. Instead of shelling out the moolah for super fancy planner stickers (they're spendy, y'all), grab these free printable planner stickers for your daily planner or calendar pages.  They're simple to print out at home and have on hand all the time. Grab your free printable planner stickers below.

Free Printable Planner Stickers
These were so much fun to make. I can tell you that they definitely won't be my last set of free printable planner stickers...there are so many possibilities with these sticker designs. I've included them in both half inch and inch sizes for you, depending on the size of your planner or calendar. See all of the sticker designs below.

Free Printable Planner Stickers

I don't know about you, but a nice, clean blank calendar or planner at the beginning of a school year (or calendar year) just seems like the best kind of blank full of possibilities. Sitting down to put a calendar together is one of my favorite tasks. I find that if I spend a bit of time to customize my dates and times, they're more pleasing to look at. These free printable planner stickers are the perfect tool for this task. Make your planner or calendar the cutest around, y'all. Most of these stickers come in different colors, too. There are lots of possibilities for the best looking planner...ever!
Printable Planner Stickers
Again, these stickers are available in half inch or one inch sizes (detailed printing and cutting information is listed out below for you). In the above image, I've used the half inch sized stickers on my August calendar. The watercolor polka dot calendar pages I've shared in today's post are also a freebie, from a few months back. They're available in 12 color options. You can grab the free printable calendar pages here to use with these stickers. 

Planner Sticker Designs

Below, I've shared each of the stickers included in the set. One of the sets have a slight aqua background surrounding each design on the actual printed sheets. This is in place to make cutting a breeze. If you don't care for that, there is also a plain white version.

Printable Planner Sticker Icons
Included in this set (as pictured above):

  • cupcakes (available in six colors with sprinkles, obvi)

    • The cupcakes are my favorite (probably why they're first on the sticker sheets). They have multi-colored sprinkles and the perfect whip of frosting.
    • Use these for birthdays, celebrations, or even as reminders to bring the class treats for certain events.

  • lidded coffee cups (available in six colors)

    • These are my next favorite sticker (clearly, there was a slight preference in how I laid these designs out). They even have cute sleeves so nobody has to handle a too-hot-beverage.
    • Use these for coffee dates or tea times.

  • place settings (available in six colors)

    • Who doesn't love a hand-drawn place setting, amiright? These simple (just knives and forks) settings have a plate with a colored band on the edge to make them really pop!
    • Use these for luncheons, dinner dates, pot luck dates, lunch meetings, and more.

  • dollar signs (available in six colors)

    • These are more functional than any others. They're perfect for reminders of all types.
    • Use these for paydays, bill payment due dates, reminders to add money to kids' accounts, and more. 

  • stethoscopes

    • Another workhorse sticker! This one is only in white, because it's on the clinical side of things. But, it's still pretty cute. I've mixed it in with the teeth stickers since you may not need a crazy amount of either of those.
    • Use these for medical appointments, lab work, and prescription refill reminders.

  • teeth

    • That's a cute tooth, right? My kids are both getting braces in August (hold me), so I was slightly tempted to add a braced one, but I may still on future packs. 

  • hearts (available in six colors)

    • One more cute sticker for the mix. These hearts are simple, but sweet.
    • Use these for soooo many things: date nights, anniversaries, even for just because!

How to Print Your Planner Stickers

I assure you the printing part is the fun part! While buying premade stickers is, indeed, fantastic, if you're more budget-minded, printing them at home is a huge money-saver. Just a few steps to unlimited stickers. Just gather your supplies (listed out below), print and peel. 

Planner Sticker Supplies

Supplies for Printable Planner Stickers

Printable Stickers

Printing and Cutting Your Printable Planner Stickers

  • Follow the directions on your brand of sticker paper to print out your stickers (it's really not much different than printing onto regular paper).
  • I designed these in two color options: a version with light blue/aqua behind the stickers (it makes these easier to cut, plus adds a nice subtle color), and an all white background, too. 
  • Both of these color options can be cut with scissors.
  • If using either the half-inch or one-inch punch to cut out your stickers, first cut your stickers into their strips (as pictured above). This allows you to get your punch around the image easily.
  • Once your stickers are punched or cut, simply peel off the sticker paper backing and use your stickers. Or, store them with their backing in place until ready to use.

Heart Stickers
Above is a close-up photo of the half-inch punch cutting out stickers. 

Cupcake Stickers
And on the larger, one-inch printable planner stickers, you can even use a round punch. This is perfect for planners with larger areas for stickers and planning. Grab a one-inch circle punch here on Amazon.
Planner Sticker Designs

Download Your Printable Planner Stickers:

Printable Planner
These new printable planner stickers work perfectly with the brand new student planner printable pages I published yesterday. They're also free, so be sure to download all of the fun pages for your student to utilize this school year!

Printable Calendars

More Printable Planner Stickers

Need additional printing help?

Watch my complete video tutorial below covering how to download and print your printables (including stickers) on either a Mac and a PC...on your home printer. Or, you can check out my tutorial here on How to Print a Printable.