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Free Printable Calendar Pages

This post for printable calendar pages contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

I had two readers both request these printable calendar pages to be released in 12 colors for a perfect year-long set up (originally, just the yellow calendar was available). You can grab all 12 of these polka dotted free printable calendar pages below.

Free Printable Calendar Pages
I released a really BIG bundle of free organizational printables last week (you can grab that big pack here). In it, I included one of these calendar template pages. I have no idea why I didn't think to create it in 12-colors to make it more user-friendly and perfect for an entire year of planning. Leave it to a dear reader to come up with that brilliant idea. All 12 of these printable calendar pages can be customized to be used year after year. These may be some of my favorite organizational printables of all time, now. Grab all of these pretties below (they're all free!).

Free Printable Calendar Pages

This is one of the most versatile calendar templates. I created it previously in a colorable format here and readers really enjoyed it (it still gets lots of downloads!). I love that you can use this calendar format as either a Sunday or Monday-start calendar (you can even write the names of the days above each column, if you prefer). Fill in the dates in the smaller squares. And then use it for planning the entire month. Feel free to get creative with color coding holidays and events, too. The possibilities are endless on this one. 

Printable Calendar Pages
All twelve watercolor polka dot designs have a fun, whimsical touch to them. You can use all 12 colors, or just the ones that you're drawn to the most. I even gave the design a very light opacity, so the polka dots show through the white part of the calendar, as well.

Free Calendar Template

Using These Printable Calendar Pages

  • Download these printable calendar pages here or below (you can pick and choose your color preferences below, if you prefer).
  • Since these are watercolor designs, you can use NORMAL or even DRAFT quality settings when printing these pages. The DRAFT setting creates a striation that is similar to authentic watercolor.
  • Print you calendar pages onto letter-sized white cardstock for the best results.
  • These printable calendar pages are sized at 8x10", so they can easily be framed and used with fine tipped dry erase markers.
  • As I mentioned, you can fill in dates, days, and all sorts of information on these printable calendar pages (as pictured above).

Free Printable Planner Stickers
And, be sure to grab these free printable planner stickers (pictured above). They coordinate perfectly with these free printable calendar pages.

Download Your Printable Calendar Pages

Each of these twelve calendars is available below to download. Make sure your ink is're about to be in printing heaven, y'all! I have sorted these to make downloading and printing convenient for you. You can grab the entire bundle in one download, or pick and choose which colors you prefer.
Free Printable Calendar

Again, don't forget to download the entire organizational printable bundle that coordinates with these printable calendar pages here. They're fun and polka-dotted, too! That set includes expense trackers, menu planning printables, to do list printables, and more!

Calendar Printable
And as I mentioned above, these printable calendar pages also look lovely in a glass frame (pictured above). They're sized at 8x10", but you print onto your standard letter-sized cardstock paper, trim, and frame. You can use fine-tipped dry erase markers on the glass in the frame and use the same calendar over and over.

Blank Calendar Pages in Gingham

Gingham Calendar Printables
I also have a set of 12 gingham design calendar pages, too (all in this same blank format). There are 12 preppy and fun shades of gingham. These are in my shop for $3 for the entire set here, or through the button below. 

More Free Printable Calendar Pages

  • If you haven't already, be sure to grab your colorable printable calendar here. It's another freebie and totally in black and white to save you a bit of ink.
  • Want to avoid printing? I have free digital desktop calendars available for downloading here.
  • Diana, over at The Girl Creative, has another great downloadable calendar page here in her family binder post.
  • These blank calendar pages from Connie's File Cabinet already have the months filled in for you.
  • Mudpies and Makeup has another cute monthly calendar page for you to download here.

Need Help with Downloading or Printing?

I've created a complete video tutorial below covering how to download and print all of your printables (including these free printable calendar pages) on either a Mac or a PC. There are instructions to print at home on your home printer or even to upload to your local print shop. Still have questions? I also have a complete downloading and printing tutorial here for your convenience.


Planning Calendar Printable
Do you use a monthly planning calendar?


  1. Thank you so much for these! As my husband will tell you, I like to color-coordinate the seasons! I LOVE these!

    1. You're so welcome, Kelly Lee! And color-coordinating is ALWAYS a good thing! Have a good one. xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. You are so very welcome! I hope you enjoy the printable calendar pages! xoxo

  3. Thank you! Who doesn't need extra calendar pages? Love that they are a rainbow of polka dots!

  4. I love using these to keep up with work schedule