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Printable Planner

This Printable Planner post contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

This Printable Planner is for all of you that still favor a written planner (like I do!). This bundle of organizational goodness contains 12 easy-to-use planner pages to help keep your days (and weeks...and months) in check. There is also a yearly update with a new calendar every year. See this entire printable planner below.
Easy-to-Use Printable Planner
If you're planner-averse, you may reconsider after looking through this one. This particular planner is a print-as-you-use can utilize all of the pages or just ones that work for you. It's designed to be an easy-to-implement system that you can use year after year.

I have LOADS of details on this bundle below, including photos of each page that is included. The entire planner is available here in my shop for $10, or purchase through the button:

Click Here to Purchase This Planner

Printable Planner

I have ALWAYS wanted to create a printable planner and I truly love how this one has turned out. I think it's not just a planner, but a motivational piece that is bright and sunny!

I incorporated a bright floral theme throughout the entire planner with vibrant shades or blue, aqua, pink, and even a bit of yellow for some sunshine-y cheer. If you're like me and enjoy a pen-to-paper planning system, this is a nice and simple one to incorporate into your life (and it's not too overwhelming, either!).

Each of the planner page's details are depicted for you further below.

You can purchase this in my shop for $10 here or directly through the button:
Click Here to Purchase This Planner

Colorful Planner

Using This Printable Planner

These pages are designed to be printed on letter-sized paper and used in a three-ring binder. Use Avery Ultra Tabs to make the planner super simple to flip through (pictured below). 

This printable planner includes the following pages:

  • cover page
  • divider page
  • notes page
  • contact list page
  • blank monthly calendar
  • monthly budget planner
  • daily expense tracker
  • weekly planner
  • daily planner page
  • daily agenda
  • important dates page
  • 2021 calendar-at-a-glance (I update this every year and will email you with the updated version every December)

    You can print out each page as many times as you like and use over and over, year after year. This planner also comes with a complete guide on usage, making it easy to implement.

    See the Details of this Printable Planner:

    Avery Ultra Tabs
    Again, I use these Avery Ultra Tabs in my printable planner. I grab them HERE on Amazon. I also grabbed this fun binder on Amazon HERE for my planner.

    Click Here to Purchase This Planner

    How to Use a Printable Planner
    The instructions page (pictured above) is included as a quick-reference sheet to help you utilize and properly implement the planner.

    Daily Planner Printable
    The cover is pictured above. Slip this into the clear cover on a three-ring binder. A white binder coordinates well with the color scheme, too.

    Floral Divider Printable
    Pictured above is the divider page. You'll probably want to print out multiple copies of this one and use the Avery tabs on the edge of the paper. The included instructions will let you know the number of dividers to print and how to use them.

    Notes Page Printable
    Who doesn't love a good notes page? This one can be used both inside and outside the binder and planner system. I use one on my refrigerator, as well.

    2021 Printable Calendar
    This year's 2021 calendar-at-a-glance is a simple way to glance at the date, week, or month.

    Monthly Calendar Printable
    And the monthly calendar is perfect to customize as you see fit. This printable planner is definitely one that you can make your own.

    Weekly Planner Printable
    The above weekly agenda is another simple, yet effective tool to implement. It's just meant for quick notes of appointments. The daily list (pictured below) is where you can break up each day with more detail.

    Daily Agenda Printable
    Having the day broken out into hours is always helpful to me. There is also space for a list, notes, and ideas.

    Agenda Planner
    The above daily agenda is another version that may work better for some, breaking things up into the morning and evening hours. 

    Daily Expense Tracker
    A daily expense tracker is always nice to keep at your fingertips.

    Monthly Budget Planner
    And there is even a page to help you plan out your monthly budget.

    Important Dates Printable
    Be sure to also write down birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates on the above page.

    Purchase this Printable Planner

    You can purchase this printable planner here in the shop for $10 or through the button below.

    You can download just the pages you need or grab them all to make the most out of the planner. Print as many pages as you like for your own needs.

    Printable Planner

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    1. I'm a bit confuzzled...the planner is gorgeous and there are lots of links to purchase but I'm not seeing the prices listed anywhere in the article! :-( Can you get the pricing added in so we can see it without clicking on the buy here links? Thank you! <3

      1. Thank you so much, Christine. The price is in the widget, but I'm wondering if it times out on some systems? I apologize for the inconvenience. It's $10 for the planner.

    2. Hello. I was wondering if you could create a custom template that I am looking for? I can send you a picture if you can tell me where to send it? Thanks in advance!

      1. Hi there! Thank you so much for reaching out. Sadly, I'm unable to create custom templates at this time, but if you do a search on the blog for planners, you may be able to find exactly what you are looking for. I have created many different formats over the years. Try this link! Thank you again and have an amazing day! xoxo