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Summer To Do List Free Printable

This post for a To Do List Free Printable contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small percentage when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

I definitely had to include a Summer To Do List Free Printable in the series. It seems like you guys always enjoy these. The blank lines are ready for you to fill up and then cross off as you make your way through your list. There are two styles of this To Do List Free Printable below.

Summer To Do List Free Printable
While these summery days are more relaxing and laid back, there are still things to be done (womp, womp). But having a pretty to do list when it comes to putting pen to paper is sometimes enough to get me going. I created two versions of today's Summer To Do List Free Printable. They both have lots of easy-to-use lines and are simple to print. 

Summer To Do List Free Printable

Whether it includes running a few errands or maybe some scheduled fun time, writing a list (and then the act of crossing things off of it) can be so satisfying. Plus, for me, it actually increases my productivity. 
To Do List Free Printable
The above to do list is a letter-sized page that can also fit into an 8x10" frame (to use over and over with dry erase markers). Or, simply print a new one as you need it. That's honestly how I operate...I'm a pen to paper kind of girl. I will also use the same sheet for a week or so, just adding to wherever I've left off. I use the "rule of six" with my daily to-do list for work. I implemented this system a couple of years ago and it's kind of revolutionized my productivity. You can read how it works below.

Rule of Six Lists

Rule of Six List

In case you're not familiar with this list making method, below is the main idea. To me, it's more like leaving out the minutia of day-to-day operations and sticking with bigger picture items. For example, if I need to water my office plants that day, I won't make that a line-item, it will fall under "tidy up office", where I go through stacks of papers, clean off surfaces, and then, water those plants. It keeps my list more concise and manageable. Above is my actual list from a day last week. Here are a few tips to making the rule of six work for you.

  • Start your morning by listing out the six things you want to accomplish that day, in order from most important to least.
  • Cross off each item as you go.
  • If you don't finish the last one or two (or three, it happens), those get moved to the top of the next day's list.
  • I try not to add items under each item (like, for instance, under "tidy office" adding each task I mentioned above). I give each line as a general thing, and in my head, I know what it entails. 
  • I first heard about this from the blog, The Simply Luxurious Life. I've been using it for a couple of years now and it's been very helpful with keeping me on task. 

Summer To Do List

Smaller To Do List Design

For those of you who enjoy what I would call a "grocery-style list", I also have that available (pictured above). It is two vertical-style lists that are still printed onto a letter-size paper (then cut out).

Fiskars Paper Cutter
I've mentioned this before, but if you use a lot of my printables (especially my greetings cards, bookmarks, gift tags, labels, or banners...and now, to-do lists!), you might enjoy the type of paper trimmer I use (pictured above). It makes super quick work of cutting and trimming and gives really nice, clean lines. I purchased this Fiskars Cutter here on Amazon. I've seen it at JoAnn's, too, but Amazon actually has a better price.

Printing Your Summer To Do Lists:

  • These to do list printables are for personal use. However, if you do have a small business and would like to use these as physical products in your shop/online store (redistributing the digital version is strictly prohibited), you may purchase a commercial license here.
  • These prints work on either letter-sized white regular paper or white, letter-sized cardstock.
  • Once you have printed the double list, I provided a yellow hairline around each lists' perimeter to make cutting them out a breeze.
  • Again, you can use the larger version in an 8x10" frame with dry erase markers, too, to use it over and over. I like these fine-tipped dry erase markers here on Amazon

Download Your Summer To Do List:

Summery To Do List

Free Printable Summer To Do List

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful goodies you provide us with. Your hard work is very much appreciated, I love them !!

    1. You're so welcome, Patty. I really appreciate your kind words. xoxo

  2. Soooo pretty! Thank you for giving us all such pretty printables! It's very much appreciated.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Clara! It's my pleasure. Happy summertime. xoxo

  3. You're so welcome. Appreciate your kind words. xoxo