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Free Oversized Cactus Printable Designs

This post for cactus printable designs contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small percentage when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

These free Cactus Printable Designs are oversized for larger spaces...but I did include the classic 8x10", too, for those of you who want to print them at home. I've got loads of printing hints and two background versions of this design. Grab your favorite cactus printable below.

Cactus Printable
I very rarely design oversized printables. They aren't always convenient, printing wise, so I tend to stick with the smaller sizes. However, I had many requests for larger printable sizes in the Summer Series Reader Survey. I also had lots of requests for cactus designs, too. I thought these two requests would be fun to combine into one post with a couple of simple cactus printable designs that go all the way up to 24"x36" in dimension to decorate larger spaces. Download your favorite below.

Cactus Printable Designs

These cacti prints aren't my normal design aesthetic, but sometimes it's kind of fun to think outside the box. Plus, they definitely have that warmer-weather, summery vibe that we're going for with this Summer Printable Series. Each version of this cactus printable contains one cactus plant in a lovely (somewhat modern) metal planter. They are almost neutral, in nature (especially the ones without the background), which means they can seamlessly fit into lots of different decor styles. 
Cactus Printables
Above, you can see the designs that don't include a background. This is not only an ink-saver, but also makes for a bit of a cleaner look, overall. The cacti kind of stand out on their own. 

Cactus Printable Sizes and Formats

These designs are available in the following sizes and formats:
  • 24x36" PDF or JPEG
  • 16x20" PDF or JPEG
  • 11x14" PDF or JPEG
  • 8x10" PDF or JPEG

Free Cactus Printable
And above is a closer-up version of one of the designs with the background included. These are just random blue watercolor splotches that reminded me of water droplets. 

I also included that 8x10" version of this cactus printable so you can easily download and print at home. But, I also wanted to offer my best tips to have these designs printed in the larger's not as intimidating as it may seem. Please note, although I am sharing a couple of specific companies to use for printing, this is not a sponsored post. These are just companies that I have used myself for personal printing projects and I've found them to do good work with quality results. 

Printing the Oversized Prints

  • All of the cactus printable designs featured here are for personal use. However, if you have a small business and would like to utilize the physical, printed products in your business, please purchase a commercial license here
  • The 8x10" PDF designs can easily be printed at home. Use white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results (regular paper is too thin). Grab white cardstock here on Amazon. 
  • The larger printable sizes can be printed at any professional printing place. Personally, I use Walgreens for this kind of printing. You can upload on their website, then have shipped to your store or home. 
    • Head to their website and hover your mouse over the 'Photo' option until the drop down menu appears. Click on the 'Posters' option. 
    • Once you're on the 'Posters' page, scroll down a bit and select the plain 'Posters' option (just FYI, they ALWAYS do half off sales and this makes the posters really affordable...I tend to stock up when they do this). 
    • Select your size option and click the 'Create now' button. 
    • Then click 'Upload photos' and upload the cactus printable design that correlates with the size you selected on their site (you'll need to download your printable to your computer, links are located further down in this post). Please note that their posters only work with JPEG designs, so be sure to download that version from me, below.
Printing Oversized Printables
  • These cactus printables are vertical designs, but the Walgreens site doesn't always import them that way (I'm not sure why on this one). You'll need to click the rotate button (pictured above on the screenshot I took on their site). You'll also need to scale the print a bit smaller using that sliding scale you see pictured under the arrow I added on the above image.
  • Then click "Review Order" (in the upper right of their screen) and select how you want to receive your print (by mail or in their store). Be sure to use your code if they're having the half off sale.
  • The other place I recommend for larger-scale printing is FedEx Office. They are actually a bit pricier than Walgreens, but their turnaround is often faster, plus, they seem to have more locations (we have one in our local Walmart). Just head to the FedEx site and click 'Design and Print' and then upload your print-ready file (from below). You can use PDF or JPEG formats on their site. Their site is a little more user-friendly, too, so I won't walk you through the whole's a bit more self-explanatory.

Oversized Printables

Frames for Oversized Printables

Frames are actually widely available and can be affordable on these larger sized printables. I listed out the options on Amazon below. 

Download Your Cactus Printable

Free Cactus Printables

Flowering Cactus Designs with Backgrounds:

Flowering Cactus Designs without Backgrounds:

Tall Cactus Designs with Backgrounds:

Tall Cactus Designs without Backgrounds:

Free Oversized Printables

More Oversized Printables


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