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31 Free Summer Printables

We're about to dive into summer head-first with this year's 31 Free Summer Printables coming at you all month long in June. From gift tags to banners to classic watercolor prints, I'm super excited to share this new series with you. Check out below how to get in on these free summer printables. 

Summer Printables
If you stop by I Should Be Mopping the Floor regularly, you may already be familiar with how fun one of our series can be. I will be running the summer one just like the Christmas Printable Series, as well as our original Fall one.

This time around we're doing 30 Days of Free Summer Printables, as voted on by the readers. But, with today's printable you'll get, it comes to a total of 31 prints in all...perfect for heading into the warmer season of summertime. See all of the details and sign up for all of these summer freebies below.

Free Summer Printables

31 Free Summer Printables

This series is pretty simple. Sign up below to join. You'll immediately receive your first free summer printable straight to your inbox (it's the hot air balloon one you see featured below). Then, on Monday, June 1st, the real fun begins. Every morning, I'll send you another free summer printable...right up until Tuesday, June 30th. Your home or office will be ready for the summer season after all of these printables head your way. I've got some preview prints from the series further down in the post, as well.

Welcome, Summer Printable

Why Do I Have to Sign Up?

You don't *really* have to sign up if you don't want to, however, you'll miss out on the sweet extra freebies (pictured above) that all of our subscribers are getting (loads of sizes, backgrounds, and formats available). Plus, as my readers told me in the surveys that followed both the fall and Christmas series, they actually looked forward to opening their email from me every morning to see what surprise was waiting! And let me tell ya...I think the summer series may be my favorite, yet (at least, that's how it's shaping up so far in the design department). 

If you were already a part of either of our previous series in (meaning you received an email from me every day of each series), you're already automatically signed up. If not, sign up below (and then scroll on for previews of some of the summer printables).

Sign Up for the Free Summer Printable Series

* indicates required

Free Summer Printables Sneak Peek

Flamingo Printables
The above Flamingo printable is coming out the very first week of the series. It's available in several sizes, along with our classic background-free option. Other printable styles in the series include:
  • Recipe Card Printables 
  • Printable Banners
  • Printable Greeting Cards
  • Gift Tag Printables
  • Summer Bookmark Printables
  • ...and so many more!

Lemon Greeting Cards
The above lemon-themed greeting card is a companion print to a set of lemon printables that will be a part of the summer series here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I like to throw in a few bonus greeting card printables that are housed over on my free greeting card website, Print Pretty Cards. Other themes that will be included in the series are listed out below (most of these were reader-suggestions from our survey):
  • pineapples
  • flamingos 
  • mason jars
  • ice cream
  • patriotic (both Canadian and American)
  • s'mores
  • beach
  • lake
  • bumble bees
  • watermelon
  • cactus
  • ...and many more!

S'More Printables
The above s'mores gift tag will have two different designs included. They would make darling porch-drop gifts for your neighbors and friends this summertime. 

Free Hot Air Balloon Printables

Hot Air Balloon Summer Printables

The above Welcome, Summer (hot air balloon-themed) printables will be sent to you immediately after you sign up for the series. You'll receive an 8x10" version, but can also opt for the smaller sizes and background options (also free). Sign up below to get yours:

Sign Up for the Free Summer Printable Series

* indicates required

Watercolor Summer Printables
Stay tuned...it's about to get super summery around here!

Summer Printables for Free


  1. when I "sign up" it says I'm already enrolled for September printables, so I don't get an email link to download the files. Should I unsubscribe then resubscribe?

    1. Sorry for the issues, Leslie. If you drop me an email, I'll send the files directly to you. Sometimes it's glitchy.