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To Do List Free Printables

This post for To Do List Printables contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These free To Do List printables are ready to help you keep up with those resolutions and get organized. Or, well, to make lists about it. Either way, I've totally got your back. Download both versions of these free To Do List printables below to manage all the things life is throwing at ya. Daily and weekly to do list designs are available.

Free To Do List Printables

Ahhh...I love a good to do list. Especially one where all of the 'to dos' have already become 'ta das'. Sometimes I go back and write stuff I've already completed in...just so I can cross it off. Our little secret, k?

How to Use These To Do List Printables:

  • You can print a new to do list printable out every day or every week. However, a more economic and green option is to laminate or frame these to use with dry erase markers. 
  • I have mine laminated and tucked under a magnet on the side of the refrigerator. 
  • You can also have these to do list printables printed at a print shop and take advantage of their heavy duty lamination (I have yet to find a home machine that can match the one at my local print shop). 
  • The items I have laminated in this manner have lasted me for years with very little wear and tear. These to do list printables will be hard working tools for you...make them last a long time. 

My Personal To Do List System:

  • I use my weekly to do list as more of a reminder list. Things like "make a hair appointment" or "dinner with friends". 
  • I get a lot more detailed on the daily to do list using specific times for activities and appointments. To me, it seems redundant to use times on both if you're using both to do lists simultaneously. 
  • In all honesty, do what works best for your own system and these free to do list printables will become your best friends.

Download both of these To Do List Printables below.

Daily To Do List Printable

Weekly To Do List Printable

To Do List Printables for Organizing

More Free To Do List Printables:

I've said it before, my design aesthetic may not be for everyone (and hey...that's totally okay!). But, the web is such a fantastic resource for printables like the ones I create. I have some talented blogging friends who have created To Do List printables, too:

And this definitely isn't our first To Do List rodeo over here at I Should Be Mopping the Floor. I have several other designs you may enjoy, as well:

Free Weekly To Do List Printable Checklist

Happy checking things off of your to do list!


  1. These are awesome! I always have a running list (or 2) of things to do. Thanks so much for sharing these! : )

  2. Thank you for these! They are needed; and because they look so cute I'll get more done right?! :)

  3. You make my favorite printables! Thanks so much for sharing good design!

  4. Thanks, these are very nice and useful. It took me ages to find something that wasn't super flowery and girly! I love your colour combinations :)

  5. I love this! Totally using it for work. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!

  6. THank you so much for making these available! I am helping my mom get organized and the colors are great!