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11 Uses for a Vintage Creamer Pitcher

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I love displaying ordinary things in unexpected and, well, pretty ways. Even cotton swabs can become a lovely little item when placed in something unique. Today, I'm sharing 11 not-so-common uses for a vintage creamer pitcher that will make you pull yours out of the cupboard and put it on display.

Vintage Creamer Pitcher
My friend, Emily, recently moved. In the process of packing her old home, she texted me a photo of a cute porcelain creamer and asked if she should keep it or get rid of it...and asked what I'd do with it. I texted back that sweet little creamers are the BEST for organizing the ordinary items! These are the things we often go out and buy plastic organizing systems or containers for. Creamers are perfect to create a pretty little holder for just about anything. That text exchange inspired today's post with 11 uses for a vintage creamer pitcher.

And...yay! It's Thrifty Style Team Day. It's the day of the month where I get together with several of my favorite blogging friends to share thrifty ideas and projects. And these gals ALWAYS knock it out of the park. All of their projects are linked at the end of the post. 

Thrifty Style Team

11 Vintage Creamer Pitcher Uses

I've mentioned several times that I have inherited multiple sets of china from family members who have passed away. I love each set and the memories they hold. But, it's such a shame to keep them behind the china cabinet doors all the time. I have gotten to where I've started using these dishes on a regular basis...because, what am I waiting for? It's kind of fun to have Tuesday morning oatmeal in a beautiful bowl that belonged to my great aunt...alongside an adorable matching tea cup with hot English Breakfast. 

I have carried this usage of my better china pieces outside of the kitchen and dining room, too...using creamers to hold just about anything. I've listed some of my favorite ideas (that I truly use) below for you.

Where to Find Vintage Creamers

While a lot of my creamers were passed down to me, I have bought quite a number, too, for a couple of bucks each at the following:

My Favorite Uses for a Vintage Creamer Pitcher

Regency Vanity Tray
I love organizing on trays in every space I can find. And in my bedroom's dressing area, I have a little tray with lots of essentials, two of those essentials are housed by creamers. And, I couldn't resist tucking some pretty flowers into a third for some spring color.

Make Up Brush Holder

1. Make Up Brushes

Make some extra space in your cosmetic drawer by placing your make up brushes in a pretty creamer pitcher. This little creamer looks a lot more chic that the clear, plastic cylinder I kept these in for years before I thought of this idea. Plus, they're always out and at my fingertips.

Cosmetic Organizer

2. Cosmetics

Lip-liners, eye-brow pencils, smudge sticks, mascara tubes and more are the perfect size to tuck into a little pitcher (and look super cute in the process!). Plus, I can make sure my mascara wand doesn't dry out while rolling around in the drawer...it's always the correct way "down" in my pitcher.

Wedgwood Jasper

3. Cotton Swabs

Why keep your swabs in the bulky plastic box in the medicine cabinet? Put them out on display and right within reach when needed. 

My mom had several of these "individual" creamer pots that are smaller than the handled ones. She actually set several out on the dining table when the coffee was brought out after a meal. I have them now and think they're the cutest. I thought they were fun to use around the house for organizing, too. Cotton swabs are the perfect size.

Chinoiserie Creamer

4. Flowers

I actually have multiple creamers with fresh flowers around my home. I have a bit of a weakness for fresh flowers and smaller displays in creamers (rather than large vases) are much easier on the pocket book. I tuck them into all sorts of places for a little added splash of color and greenery.

Spring Vignette
Above is my favorite Wedgwood Jasperware creamer which lives on the shelf over my stove. I added a couple of stems of alstroemeria for the spring. The free French Flower Market printable (pictured above) can be found here.

Incidentally, alstroemeria is one of my favorite flowers for the house because it truly lasts forever. I can get three weeks out of them if I'm diligent with cutting their stems and changing their water regularly.

Silverware Holder

5. Silverware

Skip the plastic cups at your next gathering and grab a cute vintage creamer pitcher for all of your forks and such. They almost look like little works of art displayed in this way.

Whisk Holder

6. Stovetop Essentials

I keep my mini whisks and meat thermometers right by my stove in a creamer. They were always getting lost in the drawer of cooking utensils. This makes them always ready for me to grab. I actually got this idea from a chef. My husband and I took a cooking class on our anniversary in the home of a Food Network Chopped Chef in Austin (it was so cool!). She had a creamer by her stovetop with mini tasting spoons, along with her mini whisks. I went home that night and did the same with my own whisks.

Match Holder

7. Matches

I think matches are a bit more organic and attractive than the plastic lighter sticks (although, I certainly have a collection of those, too, they just live in a drawer now). I try to put a few matches nearby candles (I mean, not too close) so they can be lit easily. Again, these fit perfectly in those mini creamer pots.

Match Striker
I stick a bit of sandpaper in the creamer, too, for striking.

Embroidery Scissors

8. Scissors and other Notions

My embroidery scissors are no longer at the bottom of the make-up bag I store all of my floss in. They're out and within reach (making stitching that much more enjoyable).

Pen Organizer

9. Pens

This beats a plastic container any day! Place your pens (can you tell I love Pilot Pens?) in a pretty creamer to make them that much more appealing. 

Pencil Holder

10. Pencils

Alongside pens are the trusty pencils. Plus, pencils are lovely displayed together with all their uniformity. 

Jadeite Creamer

11. Cream

I mean, it's a bit on the nose, but...CREAM! The perfect use for a vintage creamer pitcher is cream. I've really tried to get in the habit of not having cartons and butter tubs and such scattered across the table. A sweet jadeite creamer makes pouring even sad almond milk a treat for my coffee. Plus, it looks pretty adorable.

What kinds of things would you use a creamer for?

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  1. I have some stainless steel ones that were my mothers. Some have a lid. Any suggestions on what to use them for?

  2. Such great ideas my friend! I love pitchers and creamers and find them so functional!

  3. I love vintage creamers and you have such a beautiful collection...and, I love all of the useful inspiration! xo

  4. I am jealous of your collection!!!! I love all of these ideas!

  5. I have been collecting creamers for years so I have too many! I will be finding new uses for them now besides collecting dust! Great ideas!! Thank you!

  6. I love all of your sweet little creamers and the creative ways you've used them. I also have a collection of little creamers that I enjoy using and will have to incorporate some of your ideas! Pinned!

  7. I collect little creamers, too. Right now there are 12 placed around the house with violets, hyacinths and mini daffodils in them. You never know where I'm going to tuck one in! I also like them displayed in one of my kitchen windows, when not in use.

  8. What great ideas, Kristi! I have several pitchers and am now thinking of how I can use them creatively around my home! Happy Spring!

  9. I love it when a conversation with a friend gives you an idea for a blog post! These are all great ideas. I especially love the idea of tucking sandpaper in with the matches; so smart!

  10. You have the greatest ideas! We too love to use vintage creamers and sugar bowls in our decor. Love your creative displays!