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Free April Calendar Printable

This post for an April Calendar Printable contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small percentage when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Spring is here and I am LOVING it. This April Calendar Printable will hopefully evoke all of those lovely seasonal feels...right down to the sweet little bunny with Easter eggs. Download your favorite April Calendar Printable below.

Free April Calendar Printable

It's definitely feeling a lot more like spring in Texas these days. We've had off and on rain showers, blue skies, and buds on trees everywhere. I couldn't let April's designs go by without a nod to the spring daffodils and tulips...popping up everywhere in our neighborhood right now. Even if it isn't be too terribly "spring" for you right now, hopefully this April Calendar Printable can add a bit of that in paper form for you.

April Calendar Printable

April Calendar Printable
I've probably gone a bit overboard with the bunny designs this season, but to be up front here, I actually created all of the 2022 calendar designs way back in the summertime. I must've been preemptively thinking of bunny season then, too! But, this little cutie peeking in from the corner is a nod to the Easter season, since it falls a bit later in April this year. 

April Calendar Printables

April Calendar Printable Details

Back in September of 2021, I announced all of the new changes for my calendar printables for this year. My most frequently asked reader question from last year was if there was a way to get ALL of the calendars for the entire year at once. And now, you can...all of the 2022 designs are already complete, if you'd like to get them all at once (I do still release the free versions every month).
  • The 8x10" at-a-glance calendar designs (with and without the background options, in both JPEG and PDF formats) will always remain as complimentary downloads every month. These are my most popular, downloaded, and requested calendars, so I'd like to ensure that they're still available to everyone.
  • All other calendar sizes and options are now available in the 2022 calendar bundle (which is in my premium line due to the volume of designs and extra goodies included).
  • In addition to the 5x7" sizes, I've also added new 4x6" sizes to the larger bundle of calendars, since those have been requested quite a bit, too.
  • I did eliminate the Monday-start calendars that were available last year. The download numbers on these started low and then dwindled as 2021 went by. I apologize for any inconvenience. I now only have Sunday-start calendars in the bundle and in the free calendars, as well.
  • In addition to my usual at-a-glance calendars that you've come to know and love, I also included some functional (and still lovely!) planning calendars for every month in the bundle, as well (in both JPEG and PDF formats). Because of the logistics for planning calendars and the adequate space needed for each day, these are only available in the 8x10" sizes. They are also horizontal prints.
  • The big printable bundle also includes convenient, at-a-glance calendars for the year, as well (both with and without background options).
  • In the below image, you can see a sample of most of the options included.
  • This larger calendar bundle is usually $10, but it is currently available for $5 here in my shop.

April Design Options

2022 Printable Calendars

  • If you're considering purchasing the larger calendar 2022 bundle (no problem if you don't, the 8x10" options are still complimentary downloads available below), each month has all of the prints pictured above (I've also included the yearly at-a-glance calendars in this photo so you can see what you're getting).
  • The 2022 monthly at-a-glance calendars still have the option of background or no background (watercolor stripes were used all year long, in a variety of colors, based off of each season, for an overall consistent look).
  • All of the premium calendar options are available in the following formats and sizes (except for the yearly at-a-glance designs, due to its size limitations):
    • 8x10" JPEG
    • 8x10" PDF
    • 5x7" JPEG
    • 5x7" PDF (comes with two of the designs per page for less paper waste)
    • 4x6" JPEG
    • 4x6" PDF (comes with two of the designs per page for less paper waste)

Where to See the New Calendar Bundle:

4x6" Calendar Printables

Above, you can see how I used that same striped background in all of the designs  (although they're all available without the stripes, as well). I did this to keep the look consistent from month to month throughout all of 2022. 

Again, to see ALL the details of the new 16-month 2021/2022 calendar, see its entire post here.

Free Calendars

Printing Your Free April Calendar Printable

  • The complimentary 8x10" calendar prints are for personal use. However, if you have a need to use these in a commercial manner, please purchase a commercial license. No digital redistribution is ever allowed...only printed designs.
  • The PDF formatted calendar printables were created for simple, at-home printing.
  • When printing your calendar, make sure to use white, letter-sized cardstock for the best results.
  • These free 8x10" PDFs were specifically designed for letter-sized pages. Just print, trim and frame. These are great pinned onto a bulletin board, too (that's where I keep my own calendars every month, as I share on my Instagram).
  • The JPEG formatted designs can be uploaded to any printing place of your preference. You can upload as images/photos and print them in the same manner with wonderful, professional results.
  • Need additional printing help? You can always check out my post on How to Print a Printable for more tips.

My Printer Recommendation

HP Printer
I tend to get a lot of emails about is what kind of printer I use in my own home. I'm *trying* be more diligent about leaving links in most of my printable posts for this purpose. In all honesty, I don't use a very fancy printer, but the HP that I've had for the past few years (pictured above) certainly gets the job done. I do, on occasion, upload to my local FedEx Office for larger orders that are quite ink-heavy. But, this simple little HP 3755 (available here on Amazon) is less than $100 and gets used almost daily. It's often available at Walmart, too (check the end caps in the electronics area). Hoping this information is helpful.

Download Your April Calendar Printable

Watercolor Calendar

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  2. I just love the April calendar page. I am going to look for the cute rain boots you did a year or so ago and print them both out, frame them and hang them on my wall. Thank your for sharing your wonderful talent.

  3. Oh my gosh these are so pretty!! thank you.

  4. Thank you yet again for such beautiful and detailed downloads. You're work is absolutely stunning,it's heart warming at this difficult time for us all that someone like you cares enough to help us keep crafting. Especially those if us who can't get out to the stores to buy supplies st the moment. You're kindness is greatly appreciated xxx

  5. Thank you! Your printables are gorgeous!