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Free Botanical Bunny Printables

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I can never get enough bunnies this time of the year. And these botanical bunny printables are what I tend to gravitate towards. There are several options for this botanical bunny design below.

Botanical Bunny
I do at least one new bunny print every year. I'm sure it's a bit bunny overload for my spring designs, but I'm definitely a bunny person. I grew up having several pet rabbits and just love them to pieces, whether they're real life animals or depicted on a printable. You can download this latest botanical bunny printable below.

Botanical Bunny Printables

So, with this round of bunny designs, I wanted to bring in lots of spring botanicals, in the form of a watercolor wreath that frames out our rabbit friend perfectly.

Botanical Bunny Printables

Botanical Bunny Print Options

  • These designs come with or without the pink, blue, and white striped background. The one with the plain white background will save you a bit of ink.
  • These designs are available in the following formats:
    • JPEG
    • PDF
  • These designs are available in the following sizes:
    • 5x7"
      • Please note that the 5x7" PDF formatted designs come with two designs per page, for less paper waste.
    • 8x10"

Free Botanical Bunny Printables
I really like how the print with the background pops when used in a matted frame, as pictured above. 

Free Botanical Bunny Printable

Using and Printing Your Botanical Bunny Designs:

  • These prints are for personal use. However, if you have a small shop or business and would like to carry the printed versions (no digital resales allowed), you may purchase a commercial license here.
  • The PDF versions are designed for easy, at-home printing.
  • When printing either size of the PDF formats at home, be sure to use white, letter-sized cardstock for the best quality. You can purchase white letter-sized cardstock here on Amazon.
  • The JPEG formatted prints are perfect to print as images. You can upload them to your local photo-printing place or similar. 

Free Watercolor Bunny Printables
And, if you like today's Botanical Bunny designs, you'll probably also enjoy a bunny design of mine from a few years back (pictured above). Check out this Spring Bunny Printable here. 

Botanical Bunny Downloads:

Free Bunny Printables

Designs without a background:

Designs with striped background:

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