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5 Free Gingham Bunny Outline Printables

This post for Bunny Outline Printables contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

'Tis bunny season, my friends. Whether watercolor, black and white, or gingham (give me allllll the gingham springtime designs)...bunny printables are everywhere right now. Today, I'm sharing these simple gingham bunny outline printables in five color options with you. These are perfect for your springtime decor. I'll even show you how I embellished my own bunny outline print below (nothing to it!). 

Bunny Outline
I'm ready for all the spring things: bunnies, flowers, birds...dare I say, warmer temps (that's *almost* blasphemy to say in this part of Texas where it'll be 100 degrees shortly). But, yes...let's have a little bit of spring, shall we? Today's Gingham Bunny Outline printables will be the perfect lil' addition to all of your springtime decor. They're also available in five different colors for you to choose from. I did only do one size today (8x10")...only because this is a horizontal print with an embellishment option. If we had gone smaller on this print, it would have been a bit trickier to add a fun tail to its backside! Grab your favorite gingham bunny outline below.

Gingham Bunny Outline Printables

Where are my bunny lovers at? Honestly...who am I kidding? Who doesn't love an adorable gingham bunny, amiright? And as I mentioned above, these bunny outline prints come in five fun and festive spring colors. See the pink one below, and all of the other color options further down in the post.

Pink Gingham Bunny Printable
I honestly can't decide which bunny outline color is my fave. I tried to make sure they were all super bright and happy colors for the springtime. You can frame with or without a simple little cottontail embellishment (see details below). And I'm fulfilling another popular reader request with today's bunny outline designs: horizontal prints! I used a matte in mine, but these bunny outline prints look great in any standard horizontal 8x10" frame, with or without a matte. If you decide to add a cottontail embellishment (details below), you'll notice I left the glass out of my frame for that fun 3-D tail to really POP!

Free Bunny Outline Printables

Embellish Your Bunny Outline Print:

  • These are so simple to zhuzh up a bit, too.
  • Go ahead and download your printable bunny outline here or below.
  • Print your design onto white cardstock (these are 8x10" prints that print out onto standard letter-size pages). I'm a stickler for cardstock, y'all...especially because we're not using the glass in the frame (that is, if you're embellishing your bunny). You'll want a thicker-than-printer-paper cardstock so nothing shows through your print from the back and changes how it appears. 
  • After printing, go ahead and frame your bunny outline...but be sure to leave the glass OUT of the frame, as I mentioned above. I actually place the glass behind the print, so I don't have to store it anywhere. Since you're not using glass, try not to hang your print anywhere it can get soiled...although, I don't listen to my own advice, mine is hanging behind my coffee station. Honestly. I promise it's okay to leave the glass out on this one...it's only up for a season and it's just a free print. If it's damaged, you can just print another one.
  • It's easier to frame this piece before adding your lil' cottontail to your bunny friend.
  • Once your bunny is in place and good to go, grab a simple cottonball and some glue.
  • Using your hands, stretch out and form your cottonball into more of a flat and fat cottonball. 
  • Add a dab or two of glue to the cottonball and add to your bunny outline over the tail area.
  • Allow to dry and hang up your cute gingham bunny outline in all of its cottontail-clad glory.

Easter Bunny Outline

Download Your Gingham Bunny Outline Print:

Grab this free printable in purple, pink, yellow, green, or blue gingham below. You could even download multiple files and create your own bunny gallery wall! If you're that into cute bunnies, go for it, my friend. Again, these are all 8x10" printables.
Colorful Bunny Outline Printables

Gingham Rabbit Printable
I am using the blue gingham bunny outline in my kitchen this season...over on my coffee bar. Where will you hang yours?

Looking for More Bunny Outline Printables?

  • My free preppy bunny silhouette printables are available in two color/pattern options here. They're a really popular set.
  • My free printable bunny banner is filled with lots of bunny outlines! Grab it here.
  • This adorable hand-lettered bunny from Unoriginal Mom comes in both printable format and SVG cut file.
  • These Some Bunny Loves You gift tags from Reasons to Skip the Housework have the cutest bunny outline on each one.

Can't Get Enough Bunny Outline Projects?

Check out my sweet and simple craft for 2x4 Bunnies (made with adorable little bunny outlines and scrap pieces of wood). You can see how I put these together in the video below or here in their complete photo tutorial post.

Happy Bunny Season, Y'all! Hoping this upcoming spring and Easter season is filled with the love of our risen savior for you and yours. Although, all of the bunnies, flowers and sweetness of this time of the year make me smile, I still am honored that He rose for me and you! Praying you are blessed this time of the year and always. 


  1. WOW ! Thank you so much for these super cute bunnies !

    1. I'm so glad you like them, Chloe! Thank you so much for stopping by. xoxo

  2. Thanks once again for sharing your files, they are all really appreciated

    1. You are so very welcome, Kendell! Thank you bunches for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the printables! <3

  3. Thank you so much! these bunnies are adorable!

  4. I just printed your blue gingham bunny and put in my kitchen. So adorable. Thank you!

    1. So happy to hear that, Jo! That's the color I have displayed right now, too. Have a lovely Easter. xoxo

  5. Do you happen to have a black gingham or black/white buffalo check bunny?

    1. Hi Sheila-- Thanks so much. I don't. But, you can print these in grayscale on your printer's settings to get a black and white version. Hope this helps. xoxo

  6. I so love bunnies and all these freebies are just divine. Thank you for much sweetheart.

  7. Thank you so much sharing !