i should be mopping the floor: Summer Printable Series

Summer Printable Series

Our Summer Printable Series (including today's post) will contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a small percentage when these links are used, at no additional cost to you. 

This year's Summer Printable Series is kicking off with this sweet hot air balloon design. It's available in two design options (with or without the background), two format options, and three sizes. I'm so happy you're a part of the series. Grab these free printables as a big THANK YOU below.

Watercolor Pastel Summer Printable
This year's Summer Printable Series will begin on Monday, June 1st (I love that it worked out to be a Monday...makes for the perfect start). And just like in our previous series, I'll send you a short and sweet email each morning to let you know the goody of the day with a direct link to it. Super simple, right? 

As requested by the majority of the readers who took the Summer Series Survey, we'll be running the series for the entire 30 days of June. And of course, we like to kick things off a bit early with a THANK YOU printable. Grab this one below.

Summer Printable Series Thank You Print

Reading through all of the survey answers was so much fun, as well as very enlightening. I've been compiling everything on spreadsheets and started working on designs for the series. I absolutely can not wait to show you everything. From lake-themed prints to beach prints to patriotic (Canada included) prints...there is a BIG variety, but I'm trying to stay within a somewhat watercolor theme throughout (since that was also high on the theme list). 
Welcome, Summer Printables

Summer Series Details

  • The Summer Printable Series starts Monday, June 1st at 5 am (you don't have to be up at 5 am...that's just when the email hits your inbox). 
  • Your email will contain the link to the day's print. 
  • We will have one design per day through the last day of the month (even weekends). 
  • I often do a few bonus prints throughout the series that coordinate with a particular day's design over on my greeting card blog, Print Pretty Cards. This link will also be included in that same daily email.
  • If you ever tire of getting the emails or want to opt out, just hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any of the emails...no hard feelings. 
  • Printable styles will include:
    • classic poster-style printables 
      • in 4x6", 5x7", and 8x10" sizes
    • greeting card printables
    • banner printables
    • gift tag printables
    • recipe card printables
    • and more!

There is nothing you have to do...you're all signed up and ready. But, be sure to download this hot air balloon printable below as your very first print of the series.
Hot Balloon Printables

Summer Hot Air Balloon Printable

The hot air balloon printable is such an uplifting way to start the series (see what I did there?). It's available in the following sizes and formats, listed below. All sizes and formats are available with or without the light blush-colored polka-dotted background.

  • 4x6" JPEG and PDF (the PDF version comes with two designs per page to reduce paper waste)
  • 5x7" JPEG and PDF (the PDF version comes with two designs per page to reduce paper waste)
  • 8x10" JPEG and PDF
    • The PDF version can easily be printed onto letter-sized cardstock...just trim the margins off and frame.

Printing Your Printable

Download links are available below the following image, but first, here's a few tips on getting the best quality of printable:

  • The PDF versions of the design are perfect for easy, at-home printing. 
  • The JPEG versions can be printed like an image or photo. Feel free to upload to your local photo-printing place for printing.
  • When printing your PDFs at home, be sure to use white, letter-sized cardstock for the best quality. Regular paper is too flimsy for this use.
  • Since this is a watercolor print, use either NORMAL or DRAFT mode on your home printer for the best ink quality. Draft mode can often create a striation in its ink placement that replicates authentic watercolor. I can't guarantee all printers perform the same, but give it a try and see.

Cute Summer Watercolor Printable
Pictured above is the design without the background. It can save you a bit of ink.

Download the First Free Summer Printables:

Watercolor Summer Printables

Hot Air Balloon Printable

Here are a Few More Summer Printables:

See you on June 1st with more.


  1. Kristi, This printable makes my heart and eyes sooo happy! The colors match my living room perfectly! Cannot wait to print out and display. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

    1. Awww...thank you so much, Dawn! I'm so happy to hear that. I loved the photos you emailed...they made MY heart happy! Have a great day, friend. xoxo

  2. Beautiful watercolor, so SUMMERY. Thank you!

    1. I'm so happy you like it. Appreciate your kind words. xoxo

  3. Thank you - looking forward to the series. :)


  4. Oh how I love hot air balloons, and watercolor! Makes my heart so happy. Thank you so very much. I know this is a lot of work on your part and I do appreciate it!

    1. Awww...I'm so happy you like it! Thanks so much, Tamalita! You are always so kind to me. xoxo

  5. They are so beautiful- Looking forward to what comes next.

  6. Replies
    1. You're very welcome. I appreciate you stopping by. xoxo

  7. Just what I need to see! Its so pretty and makes it real that summer is just around the corner, even if it is already 92 degrees in Colorado! Thanks for the pick me up!

    1. You're so welcome...and yes, it was 99 here yesterday! Whew! xoxo

  8. Replies
    1. You're so welcome, Grace. I appreciate that. xoxo