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Free 4th of July Bingo Printable Set

This post for a 4th of July Bingo Printable Set contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I make a small portion off of these links, at no additional cost to you.

If you need a fun (and cute) activity while waiting on the fireworks, this free 4th of July Bingo printable set is perfection. It's actually the perfect activity all season long. The red, white, and blue fun just screams summertime. And, it's simple enough to pack up and take with you on those fourth of July outings and cookouts. Download this free 4th of July Bingo Printable set below (two background options available).

4th of July Bingo Printable
From hamburgers to watermelon to fireworks to flags, this 4th of July Bingo Printable set has all of the iconic patriotic items that make up this dear holiday we celebrate every summer. And this is one FUN and FESTIVE Bingo set to add to your celebration. There are six cards in this set and two background options (one is an ink-saving option for those of you who prefer that). Download these below.

4th of July Bingo Printables

4th of July Bingo Printable Set

  • Again, this set is made up of six individual Bingo cards. 
  • Each card is 5x7", but prints two to a letter-sized page (as seen in the below image).
  • The classic red gingham background just screams 4th of July picnic. But, there is also an option without a background, to save you a bit of ink.
  • When you download the set of your choice, it will also include the Bingo call cards to use with the game. These can simply be cut up and placed in a hat or bowl to call out during play.

Patriotic Bingo Printables
Above is the Bingo set with the red gingham background. There are six different Bingo card designs (so six players, total).

Free Patriotic Bingo Printables
The set pictured above is the one without a background (a nice ink saving option, if you prefer). The cards are the same ones included in the gingham set, so the sets are not interchangeable. Again, six card designs are included in this set, along with the call cards (pictured above left in the photo).

Bingo Templates

Usage Tips for this 4th of July Bingo Printable Set

  • Download these sets below.
  • These Bingo cards work much better when printed onto white cardstock (instead of plain paper). 
  • Once you print your set out, you'll be able to cut each card out. Again, the Bingo cards are 5x7" each, but print onto letter-sized paper. 
  • I love using a paper trimmer for this kind of work, as pictured above (it makes such nice, straight lines). 

4th of July Bingo Cards
  • Again, the Bingo call cards (pictured above) should also be printed onto white cardstock to make them easier to handle and use.
  • Simply cut the cards out on the lines to use them.
4th of July Bingo Downloads

Other Bingo Items Needed

There are lots of fun things to use as markers for your Bingo cards. A few of our personal faves are listed out below:
  • Plastic Bingo Chips (pictured above left). 
    • If you're playing your game with small kids, these may be considered a choking hazard, so use caution there.
    • These are great because they're translucent and allow the player to see what space is marked. Plus, they're super cheap.
    • You can grab this bag of 1,000 Bingo Chips here on Amazon for less than $10.
  • Bingo Markers or Daubers are another popular item (pictured above right). 
  • Round candy pieces, such as Skittles or M&Ms are also great to use on Bingo cards.

Free Patriotic Bingo Printables

How to Play 4th of July Bingo
This is a super simple version of Bingo designed for all ages to play. It does not utilize the letters B-I-N-G-O for actual game play, just the pictures to make it simple for younger players.
  • All players can start by marking off their free space.
  • A caller will draw the call cards out of a bowl or hat or similar and call the names of each image.
    • I added text explanations of each image on the cards to make it simple for the caller.
    • Keep in mind there are multiple stars, balloons, and fireworks, just in different colors.
  • When a player has a called item on their card, they mark it off their card with a Bingo chip, dauber, or similar.
  • First player to mark an entire line, or column, or diagonal, or even a blackout wins! Don't forget to yell "BINGO"!

Free 4th of July Bingo Printable

Download Your 4th of July Bingo Printable Set

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  1. This is such a fun and colorful set! I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're so welcome! I really appreciate that. xoxo

  2. YOU ARE THE "BOMMETTE"!!!! THANKS FOR being so generous with the freebee printables!! Making the party an extra fun time!!! Happy 4th of July y'all!!!!!

    1.'re too kind, Linda! I appreciate your sweet words. I'm so happy you like the printables. Have a great 4th! xoxo

  3. I shared this with the Activity director at an assisted living residence. It is so perfect! Thanks!!

    1. Thank you so much, Suzie. I'm so happy to hear that. xoxo