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Free Ice Cream Word Search Printable Puzzles

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What says summer more than ice cream, y'all? Since we're all about fun and games this month here on I Should Be Mopping the Floor, these free ice cream word search printable puzzles are the perfect treat (see what I did there?)! I've included easy and hard versions, along with simple black and white designs, too (to save you a bit of ink). Download your Ice Cream Word Search below.

Ice Cream Word Search Printables
Not only are these free Ice Cream Word Search Printable Puzzles available below, so are their answer keys. Because there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find that one last word (especially in the difficult puzzle, y' is truly difficult in every sense of the word, as far as word searches go). But, there is an easy puzzle, too...all ice cream related! And if you're printing these off for a larger group, you can grab either of the black and white versions. See all of the download options available below.

Ice Cream Word Search 

I think my favorite part of creating this ice-cream themed word search was coming up with a bank of words all about ice cream. Is there a better treat? I seriously don't think I could ever find one. And of course, sprinkles is my favorite word of the bunch in these puzzles. Because sprinkles.
Ice Cream Word Search Printables
My kids actually helped me out with these puzzles. I had them solve them to make sure I got everything correct (my teenager was, ahem, thrilled). At the end of the difficult one, they were a bit over puzzle solving. Y''s a serious toughie! But, the easy one is perfect for all ages (it only contains words that read from left to right). Both puzzles have the option of a minty gingham design with ice cream popping off the top of the page or a simple black and white design with line-drawings of ice cream at the top of the page. Both are deliciously calorie-free.

Ice Cream Terms Included in Each Puzzle:

  • cherry
  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • cone
  • mint
  • sorbet
  • sprinkles
  • spumoni
  • strawberry
  • vanilla
  • neapolitan
  • peach
  • pistachio
  • scoop
  • sherbet

Ice Cream Word Search

How to Download and Use these Ice Cream Word Search Printables:

  • You can download these printable puzzles below.
  • After downloading, print onto regular paper. If using either of the black and white versions, be sure to use the black and white setting on your printer to save yourself some ink.
  • Solve the puzzles and have FUN! The difficult versions have words going forward, backward, up, down, and diagonal. Again, the easy version only has forward versions of the words to make them simple (yet, enjoyable) to find.
  • All of these Ice Cream Word Search Printable Puzzles are for personal use only. Classroom, party, and small group usage is okay, as long as the printables are not resold.

Word Search Downloads

Download Your Favorite Ice Cream Word Search Below:

Downloading and Printing Printables

If you're new to the world of printables, or maybe just need a slight refresher, I'm here to help! Be sure to watch my complete video tutorial (below). It covers how to both download and print your printables. It goes over methods on both a MAC or a PC. There are even tips on printing at home or uploading to your local print shop.

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