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Free Mazes to Print

These free mazes to print are perfect for summer boredom for kids of all ages. There are both easy and complex versions of these printable mazes, along with black and white options, as well. I've also included an answer key in case you get stumped. Download these free mazes to print below.

Printable Mazes
This month, we're doing loads of FUN and GAMES printables! From printable word searches to BINGO games to Tic Tac Toe, we're rolling out interactive summer printables to keep the kids occupied inside when the temps are unbearable outside. And they work great for grown ups, too. My husband solved the difficult version of my printable word search last week...and he actually enjoyed it! Add today's printable mazes to your stash of boredom busters. Download your faves below.

Free Mazes to Print

I created several versions of these free mazes to print. After my reader survey earlier this year, I realized how much you all like to have a black and white option for printables, too. The black and white versions of these printable mazes are actually colorable, as well. Both styles feature sweet little animals wanting to reunite with their animal buddies. Help your kids help Dolly the Dachshund and Shelly the Sheep make their way across the maze until the find their friends. The Dolly the Dachshund maze is perfect for young kids (it's a super simple maze). And the Shelly the Sheep maze works great for older kids (and grown ups, too!).
Printable Mazes for Kids

Easy and Difficult Free Mazes to Print

You can check out both versions of these printable mazes below (the color versions). Each of these also has a black and white version, too. 
Cute Printable Mazes
I think Shelly the Sheep is pretty darn cute, y'all (pictured above). But, her farm friends are equally adorable (that pony!). Get her all the way through the maze to meet up with all of those sweet buddies.

Free Printable Mazes
Dolly the Dachshund (pictured above) was inspired by our own sweet family pet, Chloe (also a cute Doxie!). Dolly has a lil' gaggle of puppers waiting on her at the end of the maze. It's a short trip to find those doggy friends, but I think the younger kids will certainly enjoy it.

How to Print and Use Your Printable Mazes:

  • Download your printable maze below. 
  • Print onto regular paper. When printing the black and white versions of these mazes, be sure to set your printer to its black and white or grayscale mode to save yourself some ink.
  • Feel free to use the black and white versions as coloring pages, too.
  • Be sure to download the answer key, as well. That difficult maze can be a bit of a head-scratcher, y'all. 

Downloadable Mazes

Download these Free Mazes to Print:

Not sure how to Download or Print Your Printable Mazes?

If you're newer to the world of printables, I'm here to help you with any issues you run into. Be sure to watch my complete video tutorial below that covers both how to download and how to print your printables on either a Mac or a PC. You can print on your home printer or upload to your favorite local print shop for more professional results. If you still have questions, be sure to check out my tutorial on How to Print a Printable.

Free Printable Mazes for Kids

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