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Friday, June 1, 2018

Free Printable Watermelon Banner

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It's definitely watermelon season, y'all (my favorite!). I think the gorgeous colors of a cut watermelon are perfect for a delicious (and fun!) printable. This free printable watermelon banner is great for summer and fourth of July decor. 

Free Printable Watermelon Banner
While I think most folks would use a watermelon banner for party decor, I'm more of a "let's just put this out because it's cute" kind of person. This printable watermelon banner is going to be hanging in my house all summer long. It's just such a SWEET one, y'all! Download your free printable watermelon banner below.

Free Printable Watermelon Banner

Cute Watermelon Banner
As you can see from the photos, I added in a quarter of an inch white border around the slices of watermelon. I think this really makes them POP against any background you hang them against. If you prefer to have the pink and green go straight to the edge, simply trim the white border off.

Watermelon Banner Decoration

How to Print and Use This Watermelon Banner:

  • Download your SLICES here or below. 
  • These watermelon pieces work best when printed on to white cardstock paper (regular paper will curl up on the ends once cut and hung).
  • Set your printer to its BEST ink setting and print as many sheets of watermelon slices as you like...the more you print, the longer your delicious banner turns out.
  • Cut each slice out just inside the green hairline. This will leave a nice white border, as I mentioned about earlier. The white border helps the banner to really pop against any background. If you prefer, you can trim right along the pink and green watermelon to eliminate the white border.
  • Hang this banner on some fun baker's twine (I love black and white baker's twine to match those watermelon seeds).
  • You can either punch holes in your watermelon slices to string them up or hang with miniature clothespins (that's the option I went with...because miniature clothespins are the cutest!). If you decide to go the hole punch route, I highly recommend a smaller, 1/8" punch, instead of a standard sized one. The smaller punch is less intrusive into the design.
Watermelon Decorations

Watermelon Party Decor

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on both a Mac and a PC...on your home printer.

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  1. We did a watermelon themed birthday party at school today. This would have been perfect! I'll save it for next year.

    1. Awww, man...missed it by a day! Hope you have a great summer!