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Free Fourth of July Printable Banner

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This Free Fourth of July Printable Banner is the perfect addition to your fourth of July or Memorial Day decor, or any patriotic decor, really. It has an alternating blue and red bandana print pattern with A-M-E-R-I-C-A lettering that is perfect for all the red, white, and blue festivities! Download your Fourth of July Printable Banner below.

Fourth of July Printable Banner

Summertime is the best, isn't it? In the US, we bookend the season with patriotic holidays and remembrances, and then we throw America's birthday smack-dab in the middle. It's a whole lot of red, white, and blue. And I, for one, absolutely love it. 

This Free Fourth of July Printable Banner can actually take you from May through Labor Day and all the fun in between. Be sure to download yours below.

Free Fourth of July Printable Banner

Not only is this Fourth of July Printable Banner perfect for your in-home summertime, its cute size makes it the best to take to your picnic or fireworks display. String it up on the tailgate of your truck while you're watching the beautiful nighttime display of firecrackers. Or attach it to the side of your wagon for your local parade. It's really the perfect size for anything. You can even create a bunting out of it by stringing multiple banners together, one after the other. I included a star pennant for just that reason: it acts as the perfect divider on a bunting with several of these banners. 
Fourth of July Banner
And that star pennant also doubles as a banner lengthener, as well. Attach a star to each end of the letters for a bit of extra length to your banner, overall.


How to Print and Use Your Fourth of July Printable Banner:

  • You can download this fourth of July printable banner here or below. This banner prints four pennants to a page. It's a two-page download, total.
  • Print this banner on to white cardstock paper (regular paper will curl up on the ends once the banner is hung).
  • Cut out each pennant. 
  • String together with a natural jute twine for a rustic look.
  • There are two methods I use for stringing up banners like this one.
    • The simplest method is to use a hole punch in the top two corners of each pennant. Then thread your twine through the holes and connect each pennant. I prefer a smaller 1/8" hole punch that doesn't interfere with the design.
    • If you prefer to skip the hole punch, you can string up your fourth of July printable banner using adorable mini clothespins. Just clip each pennant on each of the top two corners to your twine.
Free Fourth of July Banner

Download this Fourth of July Printable Banner:

This banner is made up of two pages of pennants that print four pennants to a page (as pictured above). Download using your favorite method below.
  • Grab this fourth of July banner here. 
    • This link opens in a new window. You will then click the button that says download in the upper righthand corner. Your download will immediately begin.
  • If the above link doesn't work properly for you, use this alternate (Dropbox) link here, instead. 
    • You do not have to have a Dropbox account to download using this method. Just do a direct download when given the option.

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