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Free Star Pattern for Hoop Art

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It's almost the fourth! These sweet little hoops made with a simple star pattern are the perfect little piece of decor for this patriotic season. This hoop is an EASY one, too! Grab your free star pattern below and see how to put this together.

Fourth of July Embroidery
If you're new to embroidery, this is a fantastic project to start with...there is only ONE super basic stitch. It would be a great summertime boredom buster for kiddos, too. Grab the free printable star pattern and make one of these cute and festive hoops this season.

Free Star Pattern for Hoop Art

Patriotic Embroidery
I just love this season of red, white, and blue. It makes my heart just swell for the USA! Would you believe that, once upon a time, I had an entire couch I covered in this star fabric. It was *a bit* much...but awfully Americana (hello, 1999!). But, this time of the year, I can haul out all of those goodies and decorate in that fun, festive look (well, maybe not the's long gone!). These little hoops are the latest addition to my red, white, and blue goodies. Just download the star pattern and use a little backstitch to whip up your own star hoop.

Supplies for your Patriotic Hoop Art:

Free Star PDF Pattern

How to Create this Star Pattern Hoop Art: 

  • Place your fabric into your hoop and tighten the mechanism so it's taut. 
  • Download the free printable star pattern here or below. The PDF has three star sizes included. You can either use the largest as a template and then eyeball the inner stars, or use all three, if you prefer.
  • Print your star pattern and cut out the stars (be sure to not use your cute embroidery scissors when cutting paper).
  • Use your straight pin and attach your largest star pattern in the middle of your hoop.

Backstitched Embroidery Star

  • Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end (I use about an arm's length of thread at a time). I used all six threads in my floss to create a heavy outline for my star pattern.
  • Do a simple and tight backstitch along the edge of your star pattern (as pictured above). Here are a couple of tutorials for a backstitch, if you're not familiar with it:
  • Once you've gone around the entire perimeter of your large star pattern with your backstitch, you can remove your paper star. You can either eyeball the next star (which is inside the larger star), or pin the next pattern and repeat the process. I honestly found it simpler to just eyeball it and keep my next star about 1/4" inside the larger one.
  • Repeat the process one more time with the smallest star. I tried one of these hoops with five stars backstitched within one was pretty messy and you could barely tell that the smallest shape was an actual star. So, I recommend sticking with just three stars.
  • Trim your fabric and add a simple felt circle to the back of your hoop with fabric glue. 
  • Attach your miniature pom pom fringe around the edge of your hoop with hot glue. 

Download the Free Star Pattern Page:

(you can use this pattern for more than just embroidery!)

Star Pattern
Download this free star pattern here. 

Cute Hoop Art

Want more STAR-SPANGLED fun? 

Star Hoop Art
Happy Fourth of July, y'all!

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  1. Very cute, the star could also be cut from fabric and attached with fusible web. The edges could be hand stitched or machine sewn. A pretty craft idea that is also a jumping off point for other ideas...what more can a crafter ask for! ❤️