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25 Printable Gift Tags

This post for printable gift tags contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Today's 25 Printable Gift Tags are here to help you dress up any gift (or label anything, too!). Some of the below printables are editable, too. Grab some cardstock and get ready to print all of these sweet printable gift tags.

25 Printable Gift Tags
Whether it's for a birthday or graduation party or just because, there is a printable gift tag in today's bunch that is sure to work for you! And, these particular tags are all of my personal designs. See these 25 Printable Gift Tags below and make your gift the cutest!

25 Printable Gift Tags

Some of the tags below are even editable (a feature many of you seem to really enjoy). If that is the case, when you click on that tag, there will be instructions available for editing on your computer. This is handy if you're giving multiple gifts (like party favors or similar).

Easy Gift Wrap Idea

Before we chat gift tags, I have to share my simple little secret to always having a pretty-packaged gift.
Gift Bags
While my wrapping is never fancy, my gift tag is what always takes it up a notch. Pictured above, I keep on hand a big bunch of these brown paper gift bags from Amazon. I pull one of these kraft paper bags out of the stash, pair it with one of the printable gift tags below, and I'm good to go! You can even add some ribbon or colorful baker's twine for a pop of fun! If you prefer particular sizes, I've listed them out below:

Printable Gift Tags

Below, you'll find all 25 of my favorite gift tag printables! Click on the link or the photo to be taken to the tag. Most of these are free, but a handful are in my Etsy shop (a girl's gotta eat, y'all!).
Floral Watercolor Gift Tags

1. Floral Watercolor Pink and Green Gift Tags (via my Etsy Shop)

These lovely watercolor pink and green floral gift tags are perfect for so many uses. They're delicate, sweet, and the perfect accompaniment to any gift.

Custom Floral Gift Tags

2. Customizable Square Floral Watercolor Gift Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

A square tag is *always* a good idea (because they're easier to cut!). And these floral numbers are editable, too!

Pink Thank You Tags

3. Retro Pink Thank You Tags (editable, via my Etsy shop)

The retro pinks of these thank you tag printables truly make me smile! Plus, they're editable...so lots of great uses!

Lavender and Lace Printable Tags

3. Lavender and Lace Gift Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

These Lavender and Lace designs are always a reader favorite. Pair them with some simple, farm-fresh gifts and you're good to go.

Handmade Tags

4. Handmade Just for You Printable Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

For all of the makers out there, these tags will be your new besties. Whether you sew a sweet bag or knit a fun scarf, let the recipient know that their gift was made JUST for them! These free tags are really popular downloads on my site. 

Black White Gift Tag

5. Editable Black and White Gift Tag (via my Etsy Shop)

A good, basic gift tag is always great to have on hand. This simple, square, black and white laurel wreath design is perfect for so many occasions. It's editable and easy to cut...making it perfect for multiple gifting situations (i.e.: party favors).

Watercolor Floral Gift Tags

6. Lilac Watercolor Gift Tags (free, via Print Pretty Cards)

These tags, on my other blog, are one of my latest designs. The lilac colors are perfect for spring and summer. They'd be lovely for a wedding shower.

Watercolor Labels and Tags

7. Watercolor Tags and Labels (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

The above pictured tags really show the versatility of a gift tag (not just for gifting!). I used these watercolor tags as labels in my craft room. Their sweet color combination is one of my favorites.

Watermelon Gift Tags

8. Triangle Watermelon Tags (two colors, via my Etsy shop)

Another summer cutie! This triangle-shaped watermelon tag is adorable for favor tags and more. It would be cute used as organization labels for any watermelon fan, too. 

Thank You Tags

9. Easy-to-Edit Printable Thank You Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

We used these Thank You Tags for our teachers this past year for Teacher Appreciation Week. They're editable, too...making them perfect for multiple gifting situations.

Square Gift Tags

10. Square Floral Gift Tags that are Editable (via my Etsy Shop)

Square tags are always popular...I think it's because they're a breeze to cut. These watercolor wreath ones are super sweet for a wedding, shower, birthday, or anytime gift. They're editable, too! And look how nicely they pair with one of those brown paper bags

Floral Gift Tags

11. Simple, Watercolor Floral Gift Tags (free, via Print Pretty Cards)

This was one of the first tags I created on my other blog. The peonies on this one make me smile!

MCM Thank You Tags

12. Retro Orange MCM Thank You Tags (via my Etsy Shop)

This tag is the counterpart to the retro pink one listed above. Can you tell I was reading Daisy Jones and the Six when I designed these? It was a retro phase. But, I love the colors in these!

Garden Gift Tags

13. Garden Gift Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

Where are my fellow gardeners at? If you're like me, you always grow more than you can probably eat! Package up the overflow for neighbors and friends with some of these garden gift tags. Again, that good, ol' brown paper gift bag is perfect for veggies and herbs, too.

Preppy Gift Tags

14. Preppy Floral Gift Tags (with or without the check background, free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

I can't resist a good preppy pattern! These pink and blue and green tags certainly fit the bill. They're available background-free, too, to save you ink, if you prefer.

Editable Thank You Tags

14. Customizable THANK YOU Tag Printables (via my Etsy shop)

We used these this past year for giving multiple gifts to kids graduating from high school. It was easy to customize them with our family's name and print many at a time. Plus, the colorful lettering is fun!

Kitchen Gift Tags

15. Kitchen Gift Tags (free, via Print Pretty Cards)

While I originally created these kitchen gift tags in the fall (hence the pumpkin in the photo), they can totally be used year-round. If you like to give goodness from your kitchen, these free printable gift tags are for you.

Handmade with Love Gift Tags

16. Handmade Gift Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

These are my other handmade tags...but they work for more items than just textiles, like my other set. These can be for food gifts and more. They have two background options, too.

Teacher Gift Tags

17. Customizable Gift Tags for Teachers (via my Etsy Shop)

Teacher printables are kind of my jam (I'm married to a principal). These pencil tags are great for any time of the year. They're also editable, if you'd like to give them to fellow teachers or your team.

Thank You Tags

18. Colorful Thank You Tags (free, via Print Pretty Cards)

These thank you gift tags (on my other site) have two color options available. They're really simple tags, but are the #1 post on my other blog!

Sunflower Tags

19. Watercolor Sunflower Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

These sunflower tags are fantastic for summer gifting (and fall, too). They're the perfect nod to the florals of the season.

Gift Tag Printables

20. "Especially for You!" Gift Tags and Coordinating Note Cards (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

These floral tags have been around for awhile, but are continually a reader-favorite. Their coordinating note cards are a lovely little bonus.

Gingham Gift Tags

21. Pink Gingham Gift Tags (via my Etsy shop)

Ahhh...a good gingham print never steered me wrong. These pink gingham tags are a lil' on the preppy side, but perfect for so many uses. 

Oleander Gift Tags

22. Floral Oleander Gift Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

If you're a floral fan, these watercolor oleander tags are a great little printable! They're lovely to use for so many occasions. 

Daisy Gift Tags

23. Daisy Gift Tags (Editable, via my Etsy Shop)

These Daisy Gift Tags are probably a personal favorite for me (I love all of the blues!). They're also editable on your computer...or just print and use with a pen (like me!).

Customizable Tags

24. Blank Tags and Labels (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

These tags are oldies, but goodies and are perfect for so many uses. They also include rectangular, coordinating labels. Three colors are available.

Apple Gift Tags

25. Apple Gift Tags (free, via I Should Be Mopping the Floor)

These sweet Apple Gift Tags are great for back-to-school, teacher appreciation, end-of-school, or just fall gifts! They're a nifty round design, too.

Printable Gift Tags from My Fellow Bloggers and Etsy Sellers:


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