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Friday, April 21, 2017

Free Printable Handmade With Love Tags

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These Free Printable Handmade With Love Tags are perfect for all of you makers and crafters out there (or even creatives in the kitchen)! Attach these to all of your handmade gifts to bring a smile to each recipient's face. And, the kraft paper and chipboard textures are BUILT IN to the design...just print and use. Download either design of these free printable handmade with love tags below.

Handmade with Love Tags

When I was a kid, my sister-in-law regularly made me sweet little clothes for my dolls (I was a later-in-life child, so my sister-in-law was a bit older than me...and already married to my brother at the time). She was very good at sewing and could make cuter clothes than were available in stores. On the back insides of the bloomers and dresses, she would sew in a label that read Sewn Especially for You by Lisa. I loved those little tags...they made me feel so special, y'all. I've always wanted to make a printable of that nature, so here we are. Incidentally, I've made another set, too, that are more specific to sewists and needle art crafters (see those here). Or, download these free printable Handmade with Love Tags below...and make someone feel pretty special.

Free Printable Handmade with Love Tags  

I wanted these to look super authentic, so I designed both the chipboard and kraft paper backgrounds right into the designs. As I mentioned above, you just have to print onto white cardstock and the effect will be there...no special papers needed. You can choose which design suits you better...but the lighter chipboard does use up a bit less ink. 

Tags for Crafts

Printing and Using These Handmade with Love Tags:

  • Download either of these tag designs here or below (alternate links are available below).
  • Print your Handmade with Love Tags onto white cardstock (regular paper tends to curl up on the edge once cut into tags).
  • I also have to say...a smaller hole punch is perfection on these tags (you can see in the above photo how the punch fits perfectly and neatly inside the larger black hole of the design). Honestly, I've gotten to where I only use this 1/8" punch over the standard size. The smaller hole doesn't interfere with the design. And it gives the illusion of a vintage reinforcement sticker that would be used on this sort of tag.
  • Tie your tags onto your creation. I love using black and white baker's twine or red and white baker's twine with these particular Handmade with Love Tags since the colors coordinate perfectly with the tag designs.

Handmade with Love Gift Tags
These tags would be perfect for both teachers' gifts or Mother's Day gifts. I also have a lovely (and simple-to-make) homemade citrus sugar scrub that would be perfect for Mother's Day (pictured above). See that recipe here. Place your scrub in a mason jar and attach a Free Printable Handmade With Love Tag and you're good to go (although there are some cute tags in that post, too...I'm very taggy these days).

Free Printable Handmade with Love Tags

Once these are printed, it's helpful to use a thin-tip Sharpie marker to write on them in the "for" and "from" areas. That way there isn't a smudge chance.

Download these Handmade with Love Tags:

Again, the chipboard and cardboard textures are built in to these designs. Download your favorite design (or both below the image).
Tags for Handmade Gifts

Cute Craft Gift Tags

Looking for More Printable Handmade Tags?

Need Help with Printing?

I've included my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables (like these Handmade with Love tags) on either a Mac or a PC...on your home printer or even uploaded to your local print shop. There are several download tips included, too. If you have additional questions, please refer to my thorough, step-by-step post here on printing your printables. It includes several budget-friendly, at-home printer recommendations, too.

What kinds of handmade gifts do you like to give?

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  1. These are great. Thank you so much. I plan to use these for food and needlework gifts.

    1. Wonderful, Cynthia! I'm so happy you like them. xoxo

  2. Thank you, Kristi, for sharing these awesome tags! they are perfect to have on hand for "in the moment" gifts and treats.

    1. You're so welcome, Joni! Yes, I print mine ahead of time to have ready "just in case"! xoxo

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  4. Found you over at Wined Down Wednesday. Thank for this download. It's perfect.

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