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Baked Goods Stickers

This post for free printable baked goods stickers contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

Since fall kind of kicks off the unofficial baking season, I wanted to share some simple little baked goods stickers for all of the lovin' from your oven (although, if you're like me, you bake year-round). These are so sweet for surprising your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or classmates with goodies. Grab your set of baked goods stickers below.

Free Printable Baked Goods Stickers
I do enjoy baking a great deal and love sharing treats with others when I can. From office fun to church goodies to neighbor gifts, these little baked goods stickers are the perfect way to label your treats for others. Download them below.

Free Printable Baked Goods Stickers

Not going to lie, as a germaphobe, I love seeing labeled food at functions. I kind of like to know whose kitchen a brownie or muffin came from (it's the neurotic woman inside me...don't mind her). Not only are these baked goods stickers great for functions where you share food, but they're perfection for food gifts this season. And who doesn't want to walk into the office in the morning and find something sweet waiting on their desk?
Baked Good Printables
I think the "I baked you a little something" sticker is my favorite version. It's super simple, but has a nice, lil' vintage vibe to it, as well. Just sign your name and it's ready to adhere to your treat.

Plus, you can make one treat (like a loaf cake or batch of cookies) and it can be gifted to multiple folks when packaged individually like this. I think it's still just as thoughtful than gifting someone their own cake, but a bit of a time-saver. And let's face it, you're saving your friends the calories, too, right? But, no need to actually disclose that last part if you want them to remain your friends (wink!). 

Avery Sticker Paper
My printable sticker paper obsession continues with these baked goods stickers. I just love printing stickers, y'all. It's weirdly empowering. Any shape. Any size. BOOM. Instant stickers out of my fun!

Printing these Baked Goods Stickers

  • Download these baked goods stickers here or below.
  • Print onto these Avery Sticker Pages (I grab mine here on Amazon). Use the NORMAL or BEST setting on your printer and follow package guidelines.
  • I also used a 2" craft punch on these baked goods stickers to make cutting them out a breeze, but good ol' fashioned scissors will work, too. More information on how to use a craft punch with these is available below.

Silhouette Foil Paper

Other Sticker Paper Options

I also tried out these sheets of printable gold and silver foil on these baked goods stickers, too. They're designed for a vinyl machine, but worked in my printer, too. I didn't use my Silhouette for this...but they are a little tough to cut out just with the craft punch. My punch kind of scored it for me and I trimmed the sticker with my scissors. 

Download these Baked Goods Stickers:

    These stickers have all four of the designs on one page (you get three of each of the designs). The bottom design can be used in a circular fashion or cut off right below the wording, if you prefer to not add a name to the sticker. You may use these on baked goods that you sell, as well. However, please don't sell the actual stickers on their own. Download your baked goods stickers below.

    Vintage Food Stickers

    Vintage Food Labels

    Using a Craft Punch

    • As I mentioned above, cutting these out with a 2" craft punch makes quick work of this. Chances are, you'll cut out more than one sticker at a time, so make it as simple as you can on yourself. It's helpful to first cut your baked goods stickers into strips, so your craft punch can reach each sticker easily.
    • Peel off backing and use on your baked goods.
    • I attached mine to brown paper bags for a simple, vintage look (see below for purchasing information). You can really use these on any kind or bag. Or wrap up a brownie in parchment and use one of these stickers as the closure.

    Brown Paper Bags
    I grabbed the above brown paper treat bags here on Amazon. I love keeping these on hand for all kinds of gifting (even non-food treats are cute packaged in these).

    Food Stickers
    And a little black and white baker's twine is the perfect finishing touch. I wrapped my twine around the entire bag, attaching both ends under the sticker for a fun look.

    Food Stickers for Gifts
    Pictured above is what the gold printed sticker looks like. Again, it works okay with just a printer and scissors, but would work even better with your vinyl machine. You'll also need to use a permanent marker when writing on these kinds of stickers. You can find the black and white striped treat bags here on Amazon.

    Looking for More Baked Good Printables?

    Food Gift Tags

    Not sure how to Print a Printable?

    You can check out my complete video tutorial below covering how to both download and print all of your printables on either a Mac or a PC. There are instructions within the video for printing on your home printer or even uploading your designs to a local print shop. Still have questions? Check out my complete printing tutorial here.

    What is your absolute favorite baked good to gift?
    Let me know in the comments.


    1. Thanks so much,these are just the labels I was searching for. Love the Twine and paper bag idea also.

      Where did you purchase the paper bags?

      Thanks, Vicki

      1. Thank you so much, Vicki! They were on Amazon. Search for 5x7" paper bags. Have a great weekend!

    2. these are adorable and perfect for those in the military or away at school. We have an outreach at our church that these would work great with
      come see us at