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Free Printable Custom Labels and Tags

This post for custom labels and tags contains affiliate links. I make a small portion when these links are used, at no additional cost to you.

These Free Printable Custom Labels and Tags coordinate perfectly with all of the free printables from this month's organizational series. I've also included detailed instructions on how you can make these into custom labels and tags using your favorite word processing program.

Free Printable Labels
Are you enjoying our series of organizing printables? It's been fun, but I'm kind of ready for it to be done. I love these printables to pieces, but after a while, I get antsy for new designs and projects. But, I hope this month has been a blessing to you. Tomorrow, we will close it out with free printables to include in a home binder system. In other words, we're going to tie it all together, y'all! I do have to say, today's free printable custom labels and tags may be one of my favorite printable sets from the entire month. Grab yours below.

Free Printable Custom Labels and Tags:

In the past, you all seemed to love printable labels and tags. We already created one set in this series (it was in the laundry room labels post), but I wanted a more neutral set, too. Today, I'm sharing both a hanging version of tags and a plain rectangular set of labels, as well. They can easily become custom labels and tags, too, with my tricks below.

Organizing Supplies with Printables
These are designed to have a white border around the edges, for that classic label look. I added a tiny hairline around the border of each tag and label to make these easier for you to cut out. There are also three colors of each style (so six free printable labels and tags in all).

Download all of the custom labels and tags or just your favorites below.

Blue, Pink, and Aqua Tags
Blue, Pink, and Aqua Labels

Please note: the aqua and blue colors aren't too terribly different from one another. The colors were pulled directly out of the rest of the floral printables in this organizational series. They would be fun to interchange with the hanging labels from the laundry room organizational printables post.

How to Print Your Custom Labels and Tags:

  • Download all of your labels and tags above or here
  • You may customize your labels and tags with the below instructions.
  • These are best printed on to white card stock paper. Regular weight paper is too flimsy to use for your custom labels and tags.
  • Print using the BEST or NORMAL ink settings on your home printer (this is the printer I use).
  • Use a hole punch on the tags in the middle of the colored hole. A smaller, 1/8" hole punch is ideal for this. It keeps the structure of the tag in place and doesn't take away from the design too much.
  • These labels and tags work best with twine and/or double sided tape.

Ready to make these free printables into custom labels and tags? Check out the instructions on how to do this below:

Make Custom Labels
I'm a Mac person, so I use Pages (but, most people do not... I know this). However, Pages and Word are fairly interchangeable. These instructions should work in most (if not all) word processing programs. Start by opening a new document and inserting an image (that image being your set of labels or tags). Drag the handles of the image as far as the document will allow to make sure it's full size. The trick here is to make sure it is in the background in your object placement selection. Make sure you do not allow a wrap on it (that will cause the text to go around the image, rather than on top it).

Custom Labels in Word
Now, you can type your desired text right on top of the labels or tags. Use your tab button and/or space bar to get your text into the spot you desire (you can also move the labels or tags just slightly in the background to get your text perfectly in the center...but try not to move the actual image too much). 

Now, you're ready to print your own custom labels and tags with this little trick in your back pocket. For the above labels, I used the font Austie Bost Starlit Beach, designed by my online buddy, Austin Owens, who is a fantastic font designer and all around creativepreneur. She has some lovely designs on her site.

Organizing with Custom Labels
I have mentioned this above, but I really love to use a smaller hole punch for labels like these. The smaller hole doesn't distract from the design. It also gives the hole more structure and stiffness. These free printable custom labels and tags work perfectly with good ol' baker's twine.

Labels on Jars
Aren't they super cute on my coffee bar jars?

Printable gift tags
The hanging tags would also make lovely gift tags, too. There are a lot of possibilities with this classic design style.

Lots of free labels

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

See my complete video tutorial below covering how to print your printables on both a Mac and a PC...on your home printer.

Be sure to check out the entire organization printable series below (and pop in tomorrow for our final day of printable fun!):


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