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Free Printable Password Manager

This Free Printable Password Manager is the perfect way to keep track of your regular websites visited, usernames, and passwords. This is definitely one that needs to be stored in a super safe place. A password manager is probably something you didn't even realize you needed...but won't be able to live without.
Free Printable Password Manager
Download your copy of this free printable password manager below. This version has spaces for website, username, and password. Because, honestly, I forget my usernames almost as much as I forget my passwords (anybody else?). Again, don't forget to keep this printable in a super safe spot since it has sensitive information.

Getting Organized
And don't forget, this password manager printable is a part of our monthly organizational series (we're almost to the end...can you believe it?). Next week, I'll have more items for you if you'd like to compile all of this month's printables into a home binder system (title page, dividers, etc.). Be on the lookout for those!

Download this Free Printable Password Manager:

Password and Username Printable
Free Printable Password Manager

This is an 8x10 printable that is designed to coordinate with the rest of the printables in this organizational series. 

How to use this Password Manager:

Depending on how many websites/usernames/passwords you use regularly, you may need to print multiple copies of this password manager. The best way to utilize it is the old fashioned way: print and use with a ball point pen. This is truly the best way, y'all. This printable can also be used in a frame with dry erase marker (again, keep it in a discreet and safe spot). Laminating your password manager would work, too, for dry erase use. Keep in mind, though, dry erase is so easily erasable and your passwords could be wiped off accidentally at any given time. So again, pen and paper is recommended for this particular one.

Free printable password log

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While I'm a bit partial to my own designs, there are many other fun password managers out there that may work better for your aesthetic. Check out a few from my fellow bloggers below.
I hope you enjoy this particular printable. It's a bit different and more logistical than my usual designs, but it's a printable that most of us really need in our life. This password manager is about to become your new bestie. 

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