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Over 100 Free Printable Pantry Labels

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These Free Printable Pantry Labels have a classic look to them...perfect for organizing without fuss. There are over 100 labels to make sure you have everything you need for a well-organized food storage system. Plus blank options, as well. See all of the pretty pantry labels included below.

Free Printable Pantry Labels
An organized pantry has always been the key to my meal planning. It's what keeps me sane in the kitchen and able to make meals easily. It also helps my family locate snacks and drinks without having to dig (read: mess up my system). Today's free printable pantry labels will go a long way to helping you organize your own food storage space. There are over 100 labels, but also blank options. I explained everything below and included simple-to-follow printing tips, as well.

Free Printable Pantry Labels

Is your pantry in need of a little TLC? Organizing items into similar containers with cute labels is a great way to get it into ship shape. And your containers don't need to be fancy or expensive. Try items from the dollar store or thrift store. As long as everything is similar and works for you, then go for it. They main key is labeling everything so everyone using the pantry knows what is what.
Free Printable Labels for Pantry

How I Organized these Pantry Labels

These free printable pantry labels are available in the following three options (all labels are the same size, with ten per letter-sized page):
  • These labels come in a really extensive eight-page file with ALL the items you can ever use in your pantry (well, give or take, I suppose).
    • If you are concerned with printing all eight pages and not using all of the labels, the blank option may be more what you need (see the next bullet point).
  • Since you may want to take a more customized approach to labeling your pantry, I also have a sheet of blank labels. You can customize them with fine-tipped Sharpies or on your computer. 
  • And lastly, for those of you who prefer to organize your pantry in larger bins, I have a two-page file with broader categories of items.

Pantry Labels
Above, you can see how the broader category labels would work on bins in a pantry. 

Pantry Label Categories

Before you commit to downloading and printing, I thought it might be helpful to share all of the items listed in the two major categories of pantry labels.

Labels Included in the Larger, More Comprehensive Set:

  • Drinks:

    • regular coffee
    • decaf coffee
    • regular tea
    • decaf tea
    • hot cocoa
    • water flavor packets

  • Legumes:

    • beans
    • black beans
    • chickpeas
    • lentils
    • pinto beans
    • split peas

  • Pasta:

    • angel hair pasta
    • egg noodles
    • bow tie pasta
    • linguine
    • elbow macaroni
    • penne pasta
    • rigatoni pasta
    • spaghetti

  • Rices and Grains:

    • arborio rice
    • brown rice
    • bulgar
    • couscous
    • farro
    • panko bread crumbs
    • plain bread crumbs
    • polenta
    • quinoa
    • white rice

  • Baking:

    • all-purpose flour
    • almond flour
    • brown sugar
    • cake flour
    • chocolate baking bars
    • chocolate chips
    • cocoa powder
    • coconut flour
    • confectioners' sugar
    • evaporated milk
    • whole wheat flour
    • flax seeds
    • granulated sugar
    • sweeteners

  • Breakfast:

    • cereal
    • hot cereal
    • jams and jellies
    • oatmeal
    • steel cut oats
    • syrups

  • Snacks:

    • applesauce
    • biscuits
    • candy
    • chia seeds
    • chips
    • chocolate
    • cookies
    • crackers
    • dried fruit
    • marshmallows
    • popcorn
    • pretzels
    • raisins
    • sunflower seeds
    • peanut butter crackers
    • animal crackers
    • granola bars
    • granola
    • nuts
    • school snacks

  • Dry Goods and Mixes

    • ramen
    • soup mix
    • dip mix
    • soup and dip mix
    • taco seasoning
    • instant soup

Labels Included in the Broader Category Set:

  • baking
  • bread
  • breakfast foods
  • canned goods
  • condiments
  • drinks
  • dry beans
  • herbs and spices
  • oils/vinegars
  • sauces
  • savory snacks
  • sweet snacks
  • snacks
  • pasta
  • rice/grains
  • canned vegetables
  • canned fruit
  • syrups and extracts
  • lunch box snacks
  • miscellaneous

How to Print these Pantry Labels

Avery Pantry Labels

There are three ways to print these free printable pantry labels:

I created these to print in all of these manners to make them more user-friendly, with lots of options. I'm hoping this isn't too confusing. All of the options were created with the idea that you're adhering these to containers, bins, jars, and similar...for a fun and cohesive-looking organized pantry.

Printing on Avery 5163 Labels

  • These pantry labels are all laid out on an Avery 5163 template, which comes with 10 peel and stick labels. 
  • If you print in this manner, you can peel and stick them as-is, or trim the corners and borders around the design.

Printing on Full Sheet Labels (MY PREFERRED METHOD)

  • I'm a full sheet label person through and through. They give you so many more options. 
  • Print on these just like regular paper. 
  • If you print on full sheet labels, they're simple to cut out in the fun shape I created them in. 
  • You can also use a paper cutter.
  • Then peel the backing and stick to your pantry containers.

Printing on Regular Paper or Cardstock

  • If you want, there is also an option to simply print on regular, letter-sized paper or cardstock, cut, and adhere with glue or double stick tape to your pantry containers.

Free Printable Labels

Download Your Free Printable Pantry Labels

Blank Pantry Labels

Pantry Organization

More Free Printable Labels


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    1. Hi Linda-- I have a MAC, too. Just download them and double click to open. They will print in your PREVIEW program just like a regular document...the words are already on them! If you'd like to make your own...please see this post on using a graphic in a word processing program (like Word or Pages). It will show you how to make the image so you can type on top of it: http://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2015/11/create-chalk-printable-in-word.html

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