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Free Printable Home Organization Labels

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While I originally intended these designs to be kids' organization labels for toys and such, these are actually perfect for home storage of any kind. Because organization labels should be colorful and fun for everyone, right? Download yours below.

Home Organization Labels

No judgement or anything, but now that my kids are in school, the trash bags have come out in full force. Just kidding. Kind of. But I do tend to do a little fall organization (when nobody is around to protest the throwing out of junkity-junk). I'm adding labels to toy bins, too...which my kids actually love (and use!). You can print these out for your own home organization projects below. Again, they're not just for toys.

Home Organization Labels

Organization Labels

Four bins. Four. That's what we're down to in terms of these kinds of toys. We've (okay, I've) purged ourselves silly...and here's where we are. I'm really proud of this. This isn't to say that the rest of our rooms aren't overrun by Legos and small hand held electronics, but in this department, I feel like I can breathe. As the kids get older, there seems to be less and less of these kinds of toys (which, in a way, makes me sad, too). Just for the record...we do have a stash of larger plushies in a closet. They don't ever seem to make the cut.

I'm using these fun locker baskets that I found at Goodwill to store all of this in and it's been working great. I found similar ones (with high ratings) here on Amazon. I like them since their contents are easy to see through the mesh of the basket.

Printing and Using Your Organization Labels

Free Printable Home Organization Labels

I honestly just print, cut, hole punched, and hung mine on each basket with coordinating (and colorful) baker's twine. But the sky is the limit here on usage.

Using these Organization Labels in a Word Processing Program

I know many of you have said that you'd like to use some of my organization printables in word processing documents so you can edit them on a computer, rather than write on them by hand. The JPEG provided here is for that purpose (our traditional PDF is available, as well). 
  • You can open a blank word processing document and add this in as you would a piece of clipart. 
  • Drag the "handles" to where the art is the size you want. In the menu for the clipart, make sure to select the option for the clipart to lay behind the text. 
  • Then, you can type on top of it to create your own labels.

Download Your Organization Labels:

Toy Organization Labels

Kids' Organization Labels

More Free Printable Organization Labels


  1. I love these,. I could definitely benefit from a little more organization in my life!

  2. Those are some great looking labels. I have to start organizing my daughters toys better.

    Michelle F.

  3. This does sound like an easy way to organize all those small items that seem to accumulate!

  4. These are so cute, and thanks for the tips for using Word to make graphics. I think people forget that back in the day Word and Powerpoint were very accessible for making home graphics.

  5. What's that phrase…When the cat's away, the mouse will throw away all of the cat's stuff? It was something like that! I know I do my best organizing when I am alone and focused on it.

  6. These are so cute! I need to get more organized when we move next month!

  7. Super cute! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for stopping by and partying with us! I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we can pin and tweet your masterpieces! Lou Lou Girls

  8. Thanks ever so much for sharing these labels, I am sure they will be used over and over again.