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Free Printable School Supply Labels

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These free printable school supply labels have a nifty secret: they're actually traceable. I have included faint outlines of fun hand-lettering to take your labels to that next level of cuteness. You can download these notebook paper-themed school supply labels in cursive, print, and blank versions below.

School Supply Labels
These school supply labels are perfect for all of the supplies you like to keep on hand at home for your kiddos. I like to keep a back-up stash for my kids to utilize when the need arises (and boy, does it!). These labels would also work well for a homeschool classroom. As I mentioned above, I made the cards with faint lines for you to trace (both in cursive and print versions). Of course, there are blank versions for you to use, as well. Grab them all below (and see how easy it is to use these!).

Free Printable School Supply Labels

I'm a bit of a perfectionist (in some areas). Being a graphic artist, lettering falls under my umbrella of perfectionism. If I can trace out my lettering for consistency's sake, count me in. I have a feeling a few of you are on that same wave length. These fun school supply labels cater to that perfectionist living inside all of us. And for those of you not on that level (no judgement), there are blank school supply labels, too. 
Tracing Labels
In the above photo, you can see the faint outline of how I created the lettering. And since I know that not all kids read cursive these days, there is a set of print ones, too. 

How to Use these School Supply Labels:

Premade School Labels

Tips for Using these Labels:

Handwritten Labels
  • To get that consistent, hand-written look, simply trace over the lines I provided on the print and cursive sets of these labels. 
  • A tip to get them looking just right: don't rush! Your lines don't have to be continuous. It's okay to stop after each letter, rather than tackling and entire word without picking up your marker.

Labels for Supplies
Pictured above are the same labels, but two different looks using different pens. Be sure to get the kids in on the labeling fun, too. The outlines help with this.

School Organization Ideas
Then, use that double sided tape and adhere them to the surface of your organizational item. I love to use these vintage-like jars since they make it easy to see the contents. You can grab a set of four of them here on Amazon. I've seen them at my local Walmart, too.

School Gift Tag
The blank versions of these school supply labels make adorable gift tags, too. They're perfect for teacher gifts.

Download Your School Supply Labels:

Handwritten Traceable Labels

More Free Printed Labels

Jars for Organizing

Not sure how to Print a Printable?

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