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Seven Christmas Coffee Bars

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I *clearly* love a good coffee bar. And while I've only documented seven of them over the past 11 years, I've definitely set a holiday coffee spot up every year. Today, I'm sharing my faves...they're a budget-friendly way to create a bit of festive coziness in any kitchen or dining area.

Christmas Coffee Bars
Compiling this post was a really fun jog down memory lane...a couple of the Christmas Coffee Bars featured below were from our previous home. And then several of the set ups were prior to our kitchen remodel in 2020. It was neat to look back on these different spaces and how enjoyable they were (!). Check them all out below.

Thrifty Style Team
Today is also the holiday edition of our Thrifty Style Team series. And man is it a GOOD one. We are all sharing the "best of the best" of Christmas creations throughout the years. It's the reason I dug up these old Christmas Coffee Bars. I'm loving looking at so many fun projects from my blogger friends...and I know you will, too. All of their links are at the bottom of this post, just after my coffee bar photos.

Christmas Coffee Bars

I started setting up a coffee bar in our previous home, about 15 years ago. We didn't have loads of counter space, but had gobs of floorspace in the breakfast nook (more than our little table took up). So, we brought in our antique buffet and set up a coffee station on it. And that tradition stayed with us when we moved almost seven years ago. We love a little spot designated to our favorite beverage. During the holidays, dressing it up is always enjoyable, too.

Tips for a Budget-Friendly Coffee Bar

  • Use what you have- cups, placemats, trays, baskets, etc. They can all be corralled together to create a functional coffee vignette.
  • For holiday-specific decor, I often use the "leftovers" to add to the coffee area. You know...the stuff in the bottom of the bins that doesn't really have a designated spot in the house. 
  • Make functional items part of the holiday decor. This year, I've put all of mine and my mom's Christmas Spode coffee cups on display...but in a manner that they can still be used every day (and we do use them daily). They're not only purposeful, but they add that element of festive holiday decor.
  • Tuck simple greenery sprigs in here and there. Or, use a small garland in your coffee area.
  • And my best piece of advice is to always keep your coffee machine in tip top shape. The Nespresso machine you'll see in the first example is still alive and well and used often in our home. It doesn't sit on our coffee bar (because our teenagers would go through those pods like candy), but is tucked away right off the kitchen. We've maintained it and kept it running well for ten years. Along those lines, keep the exterior of the machine clean, too. There is nothing ickier than a grimy coffee maker. A simple wipe up of splashes goes a long way! 

Below, you'll find my Christmas coffee bars of days gone by. And then, I also shared this year's set up, as well. 

1. Holiday Coffee and Espresso Bar

Holiday Coffee and Espresso Bar
We're starting the Christmas coffee bar tour in our previous home. The above is my Holiday Coffee and Espresso Bar that I shared in 2014. See all of the details of this coffee bar here.

2. Our 2015 Coffee Station

Coffee Station
While there aren't just huge changes from 2014 to 2015, I did switch a few things up a bit. And, although I didn't do a coffee-station specific post, you can see the details of the above coffee station (along with the decor in our entire home) in this 2015 Holiday Home Tour.

3. Peppermint Themed Christmas Coffee Bar

Peppermint Coffee Bar
2016 was the first holiday in our current home (the 1970s ranch that we've enjoyed fixing up). We nestled our coffee station into the little desk that was built into our kitchen (that classic trend from the 70s and 80s). I went with a peppermint-themed coffee bar that year. You can see all of the details of this coffee station here.

4. Vintage Christmas Coffee Bar

Vintage Coffee Bar
This vintage Christmas coffee bar (from 2018), was inspired by the set of canisters we unearthed in my parents' kitchen, after my mom passed away. I thought they were perfect for Christmas, even though they're not seasonally-specific. You can see all of the details of this Vintage Christmas Coffee Bar here. This was also a Thrifty Style Team post.

5. Holiday Beverage Bar

Holiday Beverage Station
I know this isn't *technically* a coffee bar, but a beverage station is a super similar concept, so I included it in this Christmas coffee station round up. This spot was created when we were having a lot of overnight guests one year. We wanted everything at the ready for them to grab. I also included a complete tutorial for the Santa's Soda Shoppe sign. See this entire space here.

6. Fun Holiday Coffee Spot

Simple Christmas Coffee Bar
In the year I created the above coffee station, I didn't do a specific post about it. I did, however do an entire Christmas Kitchen Tour, which included this "warm up spot". Tour the entire space here.

7. This Year's Christmas Coffee Bar

Spode Coffee Bar
Things definitely look a bit different this year. I didn't share a lot of my decor last year, and in November of 2020, we had our kitchen remodeled. During that process, the little built-in desk was removed (it was actually ready to fall off the had gotten to where I had to hold a mug in place on the machine for fear the act of brewing would bounce it right onto the floor). We replaced the desk with wall ovens, thus eliminating that coffee bar area. But all was not lost. I picked up the above table at an estate sale and it fit perfectly on this little wall between the kitchen area and the breakfast nook. And our new coffee bar was born.

Spode Coffee Cups
During "ordinary time", I have simple white mugs hanging on the brass mug rack. But, I thought it would be fun to display all of my Spode Christmas Tree mugs here for the season. Some of these were inherited from my mom...some she bought for me on her yearly Spode Christmas Tree gift tradition. I tied the space together by adding a plate hanger to one of her Spode platters and hung it on the wall.

The trio of canisters hold coffee filters, grounds, and Christmas candy. To make them a tiny bit more festive, I tied some red and white gingham ribbon to their tops.

Vintage Santa Mugs
I always need a tiny bit of greenery...even if it's just in the form of a vintage bottle brush tree sticking out of a Santa mug. The majority of the Christmas with Southern Living books were both mine and my mom's. I *almost* have every single book since they were published in 1980. Just lacking a few of the earlier ones, but keep my eyes peeled for them at thrift stores, too. I use these a lot, as well...they're full of notes and Post-Its. They make a fun stack for the holidays, as well. The rest of them are stacked on the other side of my kitchen.
The little metal basket behind the mug is filled with K-cups.

Miniature Advent Calendar
I just had to share the tiniest Advent calendar, ever. I couldn't resist this sweet piece when we were in a darling gift shop in Santa Fe for our anniversary last month. Truth be told, it's a doozy to see the numbers and pry open the teeny tiny windows. But, it adds another bit of Christmasy goodness to this space.

Christmas Coffee Station
Swing on by for a cuppa anytime, y'all!

Thrifty Style Team

Below, my friends and I are all sharing the best of the best of our Christmas ideas. I know you'll get so much inspiration and ideas from all of them!

Affordable Christmas Ideas

Happy holidays, friends!


  1. I love all of your Christmas Coffee Bars, Kristi! I wish I knew you collected the Christmas with Southern Living books. I had quite a few and donated them to the thrift store not too long ago. I would have sent them to you for your collection. Have a wonderful Christmas sweet, sweet friend! xo

  2. I love all your coffee bar ideas, it gave me some great ideas for my coffee station in my new home. Enjoyed being in this group with you, Maria

  3. Kristi, i’m in total coffee bar heaven right now! Your ideas are just lovely. I especially love the peppermint themed coffee bar with the little red car. The vintage coffee bar is beautiful too. Thank you so much for all of the ideas. I wasn’t able to sign in for some reason so it’s Michelle from Our Crafty Mom - always fun hopping with you. Merry Christmas!

  4. Kristi - we love all of your Christmas coffee bars...but think the peppermint themed one is our favorite. That cute Santa arrow sign pointing to the coffee is adorable. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  5. Kristi, I love coffee and a cute coffee station is a MUST in my home too! It doesn't take much for it to look festive for the holidays and your tips are spot on! I loved this post Kristi, have a wonderful, Merry Christmas with your family xx

  6. are the coffee bar queen! Daphne is really into coffee and she is making a coffee bar as I write this! I am going to send her your post for inspiration! Merry Christmas my dear friend! ~ Julie

  7. This was such a fun post Kristi! I do remember seeing most of these and loved them then as much as I love seeing the whole collection of them now! So festive!!

  8. I love seeing coffee bars! Great inspiration here - thank you!


  9. Oh I am a coffee lover too! So much inspiration and it was so fun to see it evolve through the years! Merry Christmas!

  10. Ok, now my coffee bar seems boring!!!

  11. I absolutely love your holiday coffee bar ideas and coffee lover I think I need to do one of these in my apartment. Merry Christmas