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Vintage Christmas Decor in the Kitchen

The Vintage Christmas Decor in the Kitchen was our big addition to the holiday pretties this year. I didn't have a tree in here last year, but this year, it kind of took on a life all its own. Every piece of Christmas decor in this room is either thrifted, handed down, or leftover from somewhere else in the house...and most of it has a fun, vintage vibe!

I've always wanted a Christmas tree in the kitchen. We had one in our previous home, but it was kind of an afterthought. I've wanted a purposeful one...with ornaments that all have a kitchen/food theme going. When I stumbled onto some glass blown cupcake ornaments at a thrift store in Waco, I knew right away that this tree would come to fruition this season...along with the rest of the space. Check it all out below.

And...YAY! It's Thrifty Style Team day, y'all. All of my friends are sharing some fantastic ideas for your home...all thrifty, of course. Check out their links at the bottom of this post.

Vintage Christmas Decor in the Kitchen

Chloe would like to welcome you to our kitchen in all its vintage Christmas glory. She basically loves this room the most...because it's where all the food is! As you can tell, she doesn't miss many meals. She also loves the decor (I'm sure).

This was the first room we redid in this house. This was a very 80s space that we put a lot of elbow grease into.  It's now one of our favorite spots. And for the holidays, it has taken on its own vintage vibe!

Kitchen Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree in the corner of the breakfast nook kind of brings it all together. I only wanted to do food-related ornaments on it. 

And like I mentioned above, it all kind of started with the pack of vintage glass cupcake ornaments I found in a thrifty spot in Waco. I brought them home, misplaced them for two weeks, gave up on having a tree in here, found them in a random spot, and all was right with the world again. The kitchen tree could happen, after all.

Besides the cupcakes, the gingerbread men that were extras from a post earlier this month also made their way onto the tree, since they fit the edible theme so nicely.

And I made a few extra lollipops that I shared in THIS POST. These are actually free printable ornaments that you can assemble for your own Christmas tree.

The tree sits in a vintage milk crate on top of an old wine box (for height). 

Next to the tree is our built-in hutch.

All of the dishes in here are either thrifted, hand me downs, or my jadeite (which has been slowly acquired the last 20 years from antique stores, etc.). During Christmas time, I mix everything up and add in my vintage trucks, holiday dishes, and pops of red to play with the green of the jadeite. 

These vintage Santa mugs (found at a thrift store last year) are on a little cake plate. Sadly, they were originally a foursome, but I dropped one this year. 

My Buddy trucks are in here, too...all carrying trees home for the holidays!

I have a few other vintage vehicles in here, as well. This station wagon is my fave.

The little Santa and boot belonged to my late uncle...they're two of my favorite pieces that always bring back memories. 

Our Advent Wreath sits on the table in front of the built-ins. 

The other side of the kitchen got a bit festive, too.

The vignette on the bar is just random items from around the house. The cheese dome snow globe is my favorite.

The coffee bar is mainly items from previous Christmases. You can see another version of this Christmas Coffee Bar here. 

The old winking Santa mugs are definitely a fave!

The "sleigh rides" corner is filled with goodies from my the vintage ceramic tees.

Hoping you and yours are having a FESTIVE season!

Be sure to check out all of my friends' thrifty holiday ideas below, too.
Merry, merry, y'all!


  1. So colorful and happy. I'm thinking I have to start a vintage car collection at least for Christmas! (I'm also thinking I need to clean my kitchen).

  2. Oh my goodness Kristi, your vintage kitchen is so FUN! I love your skinny little tree with the large vintage ornaments! Everything is displayed just perfectly...I can understand why Chloe likes it in there ;)

  3. Has it really been two years already? I totally remember when you guys first moved in and you have truly transformed it into a beautiful, cheerful and charming home. Merry Christmas Kristi!! xoxo

  4. YES PLEASE!! You are speaking to my vintage heart.

  5. You continue to amaze me with all of your beautiful decorating. You are so incredibly talented. I love ya! XO

  6. Love your vintage Christmas kitchen and all the color you used. So pretty and the cupcake ornaments are adorable. Happy Holidays to you Kristi! (we are name twins! ;) )

  7. Color!! I love it. how sweet is that tree and all those adorable ornaments. Merry Christmas!

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  9. Hi Kristi! I just love your kitchen & dining room! It's set up just like mine is except for the sliding doors are on the opposite wall. Thanks for sharing this post, it gives me ideas of what to do with my old kitchen when I get around to fixing it up!

  10. Your kitchen is just adorable, love the campers , most especially, as we have built one similar. Would love to come over for coffee and see it in person. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Blessings, Barbi K.

  11. All of your decorations are beautiful!

  12. What a great look for the holidays! I recently found you doing a search for some printable gifts. I must say, I am very happy to have found you. You do a tremendous job with your blog. I will be visiting often.

  13. Adorable and cute and thank Chloe for inviting us in

  14. I just love your vintage kitchen! Mine is a more primitive style, but your's is just so bright and cheery!