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Peppermint Themed Coffee Bar

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'Tis the season for warming up at a fun coffee bar. Why not make one in your kitchen? I added a festive twist on my usual: a Peppermint Coffee Bar! It's complete with peppermint coffee, peppermint candy, and loads of red and white. See all of the details below.

I love having this space all decked out for the holidays. We do a bit of entertaining between family stuff and my husband's office peeps. Everyone seems to gravitate to this area of the kitchen after a meal...who doesn't want to finish off a fun evening with a delicious cup of coffee? Plus, I think this is a must-stop during Santa's visit, too.

Check it all out below.

Peppermint Themed Coffee Bar

Giving a coffee bar a theme really adds to the fun. And the peppermint idea has so many fun things to utilize...candy and coffee, right? Plus, peppermint is the best flavoring for coffee this season (well, in my opinion).

Peppermint Coffee Options

On my Peppermint Themed Coffee Bar, I've got my coffee and peppermint truffle candy within easy reach. Pictured above is a discontinued version of Starbucks Peppermint coffee from a few years back (it was a two-step process...probably a bit much). But below are my favorite peppermint-flavored coffees:
  • Aldi's Peppermint Stick Coffee is hands-down my favorite. If you have an Aldi, they only put these out in December! Stock up, if you can. Sometimes they're with the coffee, but sometimes in the seasonal aisle. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Starbucks Peppermint Mocha is another good option with a hint of chocolate. Get the K-Cups here on Amazon. I've seen it in my Starbucks, too.
  • If you're a Texas reader, HEB has a wonderful Candy Cane Holiday Roast in their Cafe OlĂ© line. 
  • The Original Donut Shop Peppermint Bark flavor was a hit with teachers when I gave it as gifts a few years back. Grab the K-Cups here on Amazon.
  • And Dunkin's Polar Peppermint is my son's favorite Christmas coffee. Get the K-Cups here on Amazon.

I tucked more Lindt Truffles into the cute tree/truck cookie jar that I found at Target. It's perfect for my coffee bar. Plus, not everyone knows this opens...every mom needs a little stash, right?

More Peppermint Ideas

On the top shelf, I included peppermint-colored paper straws (available here) and a big jar of candy canes (they're delicious used as stir sticks for coffee or cocoa).

I made the "warm up right here"  sign just for this spot. I reversed the paint colors from my DIY Santa's Soda Shoppe Sign tutorial. My little peppermint mugs with spoons are perfect here, too.  They were a Starbucks find a few years ago that my husband and friend grabbed for me. I found a few more on my own to complete the set. 

Aren't they fun? Wishing these were still available.

The light-up Santa arrow points the way to the coffee for the big guy. 

I also have some festive red and white dish towels hanging right off of the coffee bar. I grabbed these at Ross a few years back.

And one of my vintage mini Santa mugs is on the coffee bar, too. This one belonged to my uncle. According to my mother, it must always hold toothpicks (nothing else!). Ha. The little creamer was picked out for me when my youngest was in kindergarten and visited the Holiday Shop at his school one year. It holds sugar and sweeteners.

Hoping your holidays are full of the good coffee & chocolate! 

More Christmas Coffee Bar Ideas:


  1. Looks so pretty and festive. Plus I love tsome of the items you placed in it. Yes to the Starbucks coffee. Yes to the lindor candies.

  2. What a fun idea for an at home coffee bar. I love this "theme"! So many fun decorations to add to this space. Wish we had some where to do this in our home.

  3. I love the theme and I bet your coffee tastes great! I love anything warm with peppermint in it. My daughter enjoys her cocoa with peppermint and I would like a nice coffee with a splash of mint. Thanks for the ideas so we can enjoy this together, in style!

  4. What a fun way to make sure everyone has a way to warm up in the cold weather. I love the peppermint theme because it is not just exclusive to Christmas.

  5. It looks so cute. I love the red and white. We aren't coffee people but could just do hot chocolate. I love this idea.

  6. I am not a fan of coffee but I LOVE the Lindt LINDOR Peppermint Cookie Milk Chocolate Truffles. They are delicious! Lindt LINDOR chocolates are a favorite treat around here.

  7. My daughter and hubby really like peppermint flavored anything. This would be a fun and tasty way to celebrate Christmas. I have the perfect place to set up our coffee bar.

  8. The coffee bar looks so cute and presentable especially for first-time guests visiting the home. The red and white combination easily reminds me of candy cane and childhood. I think you made a good job here!

  9. Wow, I really love the decoration and the copmbination of red and white, I want this themed on my house