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Holiday Coffee and Espresso Bar

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Entertaining this holiday season?
A holiday coffee and espresso bar is the perfect way to indulge your guests:
it's like a fancy coffeehouse in your own kitchen.
Are you ready for holiday entertaining? From casual get-togethers to the special holiday dinners, a holiday coffee and espresso bar is a welcomed addition by all. I've got a few fun ideas below, along with this incredible Nespresso Machine I'll be using this year.

A holiday party with a coffee and espresso bar and a Nespresso Vertuoline is a super special one. I'm ridiculously excited to share this fun machine with my guests this holiday season. Whether it's having a friend over for coffee, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, or the ladies' lunch I'm having in December, this machine will be the perfect accompaniment. There's something for everyone...and frothy milk aplenty. It just feels really special.

Isn't this fun? It's a great way to warm up. I've got syrups, sugars, toppings, lots of selections of coffee pods, and milk for the frothing machine {called the Aeroccino+}.

I've had my machine for a bit and am loving it. It's the perfect way to start and finish the day. And, it was very easy to set up.

It comes with a pretty pack of pods to son kept asking if he could have one of my "candies"...they kind of are like mama's candy!

The machine was easy to set up, too. Just pour water in the reservoir and you're good to go. One side of the machine has a water tank and the other is for the used pods.

Pop in a pod and the most deliciously fancy coffee comes out.
That's what the coffee looks like straight out of the machine, y'all!

And then there's the frother {the Aerocinno+}.
I put my milk into a vintage bottle to use for guests to pour from.
{Let's be honest...every other day, it's the plastic jug I'm pourin'. 
But sometimes, it's fun to be a little fancy!}

The frother only takes about a minute {it can make cold or hot frothed milk or hot creamy milk for lattes}. It has two small whisk attachments that magnetically pop in and out.
This is my favorite Nespresso blend: the Vanizio.
Click here to check out all of the blends and espressos available.
There are twelve coffee blends and four espresso ones.

And here's a closer view of all of the goodies...I've got sugar cubes {one lump or two, friend?}, chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks {perfect for stirring coffee}, peppermint pieces and coconut palm sugar {which is a great sugar for hot beverages}. I've also got flavored coffee syrups and plenty of cups for party guests. And in the square container are all of my pods for the Nespresso VertuoLine.

This is the perfect set up...especially for the dessert portion of the evening!
Pumpkin pie and fancy coffee? Yes, please.

I topped my latte with peppermint! So yummy.
My husband uses this machine to make amazing espressos at home...he's an espresso kind of guy! This machine makes them perfectly. There's also a guide to several other coffee drinks that you can make at home with it.

I can't wait for all of my friends and family to try this out when we entertain this week!
Perfect for all of the get togethers...and so delicious.

Through Monday, 11/24, save 25% off machines (excludes Inissia machine): click here for details. And the year end promotion begins on Black Friday with a $100 club credit deal: click here for details.

Bunches of thanks to Nespresso for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to entertain my holiday guests with delicious coffee! 


  1. This coffee is truly delicious, and fun to make!

  2. Great idea Kristi. Can I say I'm in love with your red buffet!

    1. You are too sweet! It is a favorite piece, for sure. Thank you bunches for stopping by!

  3. How pretty your set up is! And the Nespresso machine is so sleek! What a great idea for Christmas morning.

  4. That is a beautiful set up!! I have a lot of coffee drinkers coming into town this week, so I need to do a coffee buffet bar for them as well!

    1. They will love you for it, Abigail!! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. This looks like something I NEED!

  6. Seriously. You always have the best goodies and they are always displayed so pretty - can I come over?

    1. Lol! You don't have to sweet talk me! Come on, Jenna!

  7. Great setup - looks like the perfect way to relax over the holidays!

    1. Thank you, Heather! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Ha Ha that is mommas candy! That looks awesome!