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Free Watercolor Garden Printables

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I've been itching to create more prints like this! My garden proved the perfect focal point this time around. These sunflower-filled watercolor garden prints will bring a bit of sunshine to your own decor.

Watercolor Garden Printables
I created similar watercolor printables back in April. I've been waiting on another great subject to create more of this style of print. And since my sunflowers are at their peak right now, I thought some watercolor garden designs would be the perfect fit! There are three different prints available below.

Watercolor Garden Printables

Before I get to the printables, I've had several requests for a garden tour. Since today's designs were, literally, straight from the garden, I did a small video tour for you below. Of course, I picked the heat of the summer when the garden is struggling, but I hope you still enjoy it. 

Watercolor Sunflowers

Watercolor Garden Designs

Below, I shared my original photo compilation (on the left), along with the watercolor versions that are available to download (on the right). I love seeing them side-by-side. I did today's designs in the same manner as the images from my sunroom in April:
  • Using both Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, I combined multiple images into one, worked out some shadows, saturated color, and touched up patterns. I also removed a pesky power line in one of the images that was driving me crazy.
  • Then I used a watercolor application on my computer to make the images into one, cohesive watercolor design.
  • I took that image back into Photoshop and used a variety of watercolor brushes (graphically speaking) to add a few details here and there.
  • They are labeled according to how I listed them in the download section.

Free Sunflower Printables
The first image (pictured above) is probably my favorite. I was excited to capture a pollinator (with very active wings!) going in for a "snack". I love how the petals came out in watercolor.

Sunflower Art
The second image is just a standard sunflower...facing the sun! But, it's one of the few in my garden that hasn't been completely taken over by pollinators. So, the fact that it was still intact really helped me choose it.

Sunflower Prints
This last sunflower is one I shared in the video above. The variety is called Autumn Beauty and I plant it every year. I love the orange and brown colors on it. Plus, it has loads of petals.

Printing and Usage

Free Printable Garden Artwork
  • All of these watercolor garden prints are for personal use. However, if you have a small shop and would like to utilize the physical, printed products in your business, please purchase a commercial license here. No digital redistribution is allowed.
  • Today's three designs come in 8x10" sizes only.
  • The designs include both PDF and JPEG formats.
  • The PDF designs can be printed at home. It's best to print them onto white, letter-sized cardstock.
  • The JPEG versions can be uploaded to your local printing place or printed at home like a photo or image. 
  • These can be displayed together or individually.

Download Your Watercolor Garden Printables:

Sunflower Photography

Garden Artwork

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  1. Love the sunflowers!! Thanks!

  2. These are so stunning! I love them and already printed them to decorate for August. Thanks!